Pancreatitis is a disease of the human digestive system, most commonly spread to the pancreas. The cause is usually the abuse of alcohol and fatty foods. There is an acute and chronic form of the disease. An acute period requires a particularly strict attitude to the diet.

With acute pancreatitis in the first two days of the patient absolutely nothing can not be eaten. It is allowed only to drink mineral water and broth of a dogrose. On the third day, you can eat low-calorie foods in moderation. It is necessary to exclude salty, fatty, acute - all this increases the secretion of gastric juice and provokes the formation of gases in the intestine.

You can eat a liquid food with a high carbohydrate content. Recommended honey, mors, compote, fruit juice. Drinking should be no less than 2.5-3 liters of fluid per day.

On the fifth day, the caloric content of the total volume of food can be increased to 850. In the diet, it is necessary to include vegetable and milk proteins in addition to carbohydrates, but still avoid fats.

Only on the sixth day of the diet can you enter fats. However, their number should not exceed 10 g. On the fifteenth day it is allowed to increase them to 20 g. By the end of the treatment, the nutrients should be distributed approximately like this: proteins - 300 g, fats - 20 g, carbohydrates - up to 450 g.

After a recession of acute symptoms, it is better for the patient to completely restructure his further nutrition. Should include in the menu soups, low-fat varieties of meat and fish, cottage cheese, cereals, juices, honey, fruits, vegetables, kefir, whey.

The recommended meal plan should be observed for at least six months. Recovery depends on how responsible all the advice of a doctor is. It is important to note that all errors immediately affect the functioning of the pancreas.

Diet in chronic pancreatitis is considered the basis of treatment of the disease. It is optimal to consume as many calories as will be spent by exercise during the day. Food should be taken in six meals.

It is important to closely monitor protein intake. Its quantity should be not less than 100 g, a maximum - 130 g. And, 30% of protein should account for plant sources.

In the diet of the patient must necessarily include a chicken without skin, beef, lean pork, veal. It is forbidden to eat fat pork, game, lamb. Dishes must be cooked in the oven or steam. It is not recommended to fry, bake and stew. The same applies to cooking fish.

For fats should be no more than 70 g, 80% of which is better to eat with hot dishes (side dishes, soups). Vegetable oil is acceptable only if it is well tolerated.

Carbohydrates are sufficient in the amount of 350 g. They can be obtained in the form of sugar, honey, jam, sweet syrup. Additionally, foods rich in carbohydrates are allowed: buckwheat, oatmeal, crackers, pasta. Also in the diet menu for pancreatitis, it is important to include potatoes, beets, carrots, pumpkin, zucchini.

Diet for pancreatitis. Menu examples

This diet will help to make an exemplary diet.

First breakfast: oatmeal steamed in milk, tea, boiled meat.

The second breakfast: an omelet from two eggs and compote.

Lunch: vegetable soup, boiled meat, potatoes, broth of wild rose.

Afternoon snack: cottage cheese and yogurt.

Dinner: lean fish, puree from boiled carrots, tea.

Before going to bed: a glass of yogurt or low-fat natural yogurt.

The products that you want to completely eliminate

In order not to worsen the state of your health, the following products should be excluded:

  • fatty meat and fish;
  • canned food;
  • smoked and spicy food
  • fast food;
  • alcohol.

In the reviews, people suffering from pancreatitis often write that a proper diet helps to minimize the manifestations of the disease much more efficiently than the use of medications alone. In addition, adhering to these rules, you can achieve positive results in the matter of losing weight. And what helped you defeat the disease? Perhaps your advice will help someone to become healthier!