In today's world, the problem of excess weight is very popular. Millions of people dream to improve their physical form, but not always it is possible to achieve good results. By torturing oneself with strict diets, women often do not get the body of their dreams. The skin becomes flabby, and the figure, though thinner, but not very attractive. We must remember once and for all - only the right food and sports in the complex will be able to bring the desired effect.

Which sport to choose?

When choosing physical activities, it is important to take into account not only personal preferences, but also problem areas that need correction. For example, if you do not have signs of obesity, then you can start with 15-minute runs, jumping rope or light shaping. Aerobic exercise will not only help to lose weight, but also improve the functioning of the cardiovascular system.

The main thing before starting classes is to consult with your doctor, as only an expert can give certain advice that will help to protect yourself from negative consequences. Maybe you do not like the kind of sport that you want to do. In this case, the doctor will advise the most optimal load for you.

Proper nutrition

It has long been proven that 70% of success depends on nutrition. Even with heavy and frequent loads, but there is no balanced diet of positive changes in the figure, one can not wait. It is about proper nutrition, not severe programs of weight loss. It's simple: the minimum amount of sweet, fatty, smoked, more fruits, protein foods, vegetables, cereals. Do not forget about drinking water - at least 2 liters per day. This helps to remove fluid and cleanse the body. In addition, water helps to heal the skin.

Many girls are looking for a miracle diet for slimming legs, thighs or stomach. However, it is impossible to lose weight locally, that is, in a certain place. Excess weight leaves the entire body gradually, and not from its individual parts. But you can tighten these or other muscles, correcting their shape.

Exercise for weight loss belly and sides

The abdomen is a problem zone for both men and women. The following exercises will help you tone the muscles of the press and make the abdomen flat.

Lie down on the floor, press your lower back to him. Keep your legs bent at the knees, place your hands behind your head, your elbows straight and straight to the sides. On inhalation, raise the shoulder blades and head, on exhalation return to the original position. The main thing in this exercise is not to load the muscles of the neck. You have to work only with the help of the press.

Exercise for oblique muscles of the press

Accept the prone position and put the legs on the floor with bent knees. Hands stretch out in front of you. Raise the body and stretch your hands to one knee, and then to the second. You need to feel every oblique muscle separately.

Exercise for legs, thighs and buttocks

Hips and buttocks are hardest to apply correction. Only regular exercises will help to make the muscles of the buttocks elastic, and the thighs - slender.

Exercise for the inner side of the thigh

Lie on your back, put your hands down with your hands under your buttocks. Tear the straight, slightly divorced legs from the floor and pull the socks on yourself. In this position, reduce and spread your legs.

Exercise for buttocks and thighs

Put your feet on the width of your shoulders with your toes to the sides. Keep your hands on your lower back and slowly crouch. In the process of exercising, strain the muscles of the thighs and buttocks. Squatting to the parallel with the floor, lock in this position for a few seconds.

Exercise for all leg muscles

Lie on your side, lean on your elbow. Bend the upper leg in the knee and move it as far forward as possible. Lower while trying to raise and lower it as high as you can. Repeat the exercise on each side.

Weight loss exercises for hands

In the work on building a beautiful body, one should not forget about the hands. When they are too large, it is unlikely to give the image of lightness and fragility.

Exercise for the back of the hands

Stand up straight and grab a dumbbell (1.5-2 kg). Keep your backs straight. Bend your arms at the elbows. Perform intense flexion and extension within a few minutes.

Push-ups from the wall

Lean against the wall with your hands and squeeze at the fastest possible pace. Also push-ups can be performed from any support in a horizontal position. For this, a sofa or chair is suitable. When your muscles become stronger, you can start to squeeze off the floor.

Adherence to proper nutrition and exercise will make your figure an object of attention for men and envy - for women.