The most attractive appearance and interesting in conversation person, can not make an impression, if it smells from the mouth. Outsiders rarely speak when they hear such a smell, but this in any case can affect your life. Businessmen can lose the necessary contract, and excellent specialists will not get the desired place of work. Therefore, it is so important to get rid of it, besides, it can be done quite easily even at home.

Signs and causes

Immediately is to say that educated people are unlikely to tell you that in conversation with you, they constantly feel bad smell. To tell you can only the closest people, and then not always. To determine this rather difficult as we get used to smell his own body and not feel it as others.

But if you noticed that colleagues avoid talking to you at a close distance, try to run some tests that will help you to determine whether you coming from a bad smell.

  1. A good lick on a teaspoon and allow it to dry. If you notice a white coating on it, you can be sure that your mouth smells bad. To verify this, just to smell the spoon.
  2. It happens that the spoon is not at hand. In this case, you can just abundantly to cover with saliva wrist and dry it. The smell of the leather is not as strong as from his mouth, but still you will be able to smell it.


  1. Food. If you have to communicate with people all day, refrain from eating garlic and onions for Breakfast. Bad effects can cause cabbage, smoked meat, boiled eggs or fish for Breakfast, especially if you have impaired digestion.
  2. Alcohol and cigarettes. Bad habits no one has yet benefited. But if the scent of alcohol relatively easy to handle around, the "aroma" of stale after yesterday's gatherings is unlikely to be someone nice. The difficulty lies in the fact that to fight him is almost useless, so plan a meeting with booze before the weekend. Smokers with experience also can face the fact that they have bad breath. This is because tobacco dries the tongue and gums and promotes the growth of bacteria.
  3. Diet. Source of bad smell can be as intensive diet and overeating. With a shortage of nutrients, the body begins to break down its own fat and then there is a sweet smell to get rid of that will be possible only after completion of the diet. In the case of overeating stomach just can't cope with the amount of received food and gives a burp with the corresponding odor.
  4. Morning smell is common to most people. And this is perfectly normal, if the smell is not too strong. This is due to the fact that during the night my mouth is dry and this will help you simple teeth cleaning. But if the smell has not gone away and after that, pay attention to the condition of your teeth.
  5. Various diseases can also be trigger an appearance of the breath. The simplest disease can become a cold. But if in the morning and during the day from your lips the smell of acetone may have started a diabetes. The smell of rotten food can be a sign of gastritis, and the rotten – lung abscess or purulent inflammation.

Traditional medicine offers many tools to combat this phenomenon.

  • decoction of fresh or dried mint leaves to rinse your mouth three to four times a day for several weeks
  • if you need to quickly freshen your breath, eat a few leaves Basil
  • after a meal, eat a raw Apple. It purifies the oral cavity and gaps between the teeth
  • drink only strong tea from fresh welding
  • if you have broken the process of salivation, eat a Breakfast cereal Hercules
  • intense mouth feel dry cloves or coffee beans will save you from unpleasant smell for a few hours.