The human body is a unique creation. The maintenance of life is a complex mechanism, involving almost all systems and organs. To the food eaten and changed into the energy necessary coordinated work of the organs and ensure proper chemical reactions. The metabolic disorders can occur when there is a failure in this well-functioning system. Symptoms of metabolic disorders are extremely diverse.

How does this pathology

It is clear that they will not equally manifest violation of the absorption of protein or a deficiency of phosphorus and calcium. Among the many not-so-common, here are the most common signs of metabolic disorders:

  • sudden causeless change of the mass of the body, usually increasing, and sometimes, conversely, a decrease in
  • the destruction of the tooth surface, particularly enamel
  • the change in color of the skin
  • diametrically opposed to the violation of bowel function – constipation or diarrhea
  • violation of the structure of the Horny skin – hair and nails
  • shortness of breath, swelling.

Everyone who has had these symptoms of metabolic disorders, you should not try to lose weight through diet or to self-medicate. The most important thing here is not the eating, the truth lies deeper. And, hence, help to get rid of the disease can only by a qualified technician.

What happens in the body

The functioning of the organism is due to the collapse of the nutrients – proteins, fats and carbohydrates, and other elements. At the stage of their assimilation or withdrawal of the decay products and can be the metabolic. The symptoms in this case speak for themselves: being overweight is the consequence of disturbance of fat digestion, the liver can not cope, or not enough enzymes. In the result, the deposited stocks. But that's not the worst. Accumulates in blood cholesterol and other oxidized products that linger on the walls of blood vessels – a direct path to the development of cardiovascular diseases.

With a lack of protein and iron in children may develop anemia. If disturbed metabolism in babies first month of life, due to deficiency of calcium and phosphorus, and wait for the appearance of rickets.

Causes of metabolic disorders

The reasons for this pathological condition are many, they have not been studied. It may be a genetic predisposition, dysfunction of the glands – thyroid, pituitary, adrenal, sexual. A number of reasons depends on us: unhealthy lifestyle and diet, insufficient physical activity, harmful habits. Cause is stress, lack of vitamins and minerals.

The manifestation of any other disease may indicate abnormal metabolism. The symptoms of this disorder – a serious occasion to address to the endocrinologist.

In order to normalize the process, it is necessary to eliminate its causes. In the initial stages may be sufficient to observe the correct mode, physical activity and diet. Such a simple tip in order to get rid of the disease. If the root cause is hereditary factors, the path to recovery will be difficult. But in that and in other case, absolutely can not start the disease. Timely access to a doctor – the key to successful treatment.