Pregnancy is a special biological condition of the woman's organism, coming from the moment of conception and lasting about 40 weeks. Many of the fair sexes change in the body at the onset of conception are noticeable and palpable. And some do not notice anything until the apparent delay in menstruation. But one way or another, physiological changes in the body occur from the first day of pregnancy, which occurs 5-7 days after fertilization.

The first signs of pregnancy can be recognized if it is good to listen to your body:

  • especially waiting and wishing, women track basal temperature and you know that its increase of more than 37 degrees indicative of successful conception
  • slight malaise and slight fever. This is the result of low immunity. A very similar condition is observed in prostodushie person. It is important not to take potent drugs that could be harmful to future child
  • drowsiness and constant fatigue are the first signs of pregnancy. After the first week there was the reorganization of the organism and increase the production of hormones progesterone and human chorionic hormone human. The hormone progesterone is responsible for drowsiness in the first few weeks after conception. But HCG is growing slowly in the early days, so the tests can't show two cherished strips, as they have a sensitivity of 25 units
  • swelling of feet and hands, which is easy to notice in the footsteps of gum socks on my feet and the swelling of the fingers under the rings. It is also a consequence of the production of progesterone, which delays the entry of salts from the body
  • frequent urination, which happens because of the increased vascularity of the pelvic organs under the influence of hormones. This phenomenon is often confused with incipient cystitis, but worries and start the treatment not necessary, everything will be back to normal later
  • some pregnant women with 1 to 3 a week have noted a small pain in the uterus, dragging pain and tingling, which may indicate that implantation of the embryo and its development
  • the increased sensitivity of the breast, its enlargement and darkening of the areola of the nipple inherent signs of pregnancy in the early period
  • the increase or decrease in blood pressure. Often manifested by headaches or blackouts and even syncope
  • aching pain in the lower back and abdominal discomfort as before the onset of menstruation – symptoms of early pregnancy
  • first signs of pregnancy – vaginal discharge bloody nature, which is often confused with the onset of menstruation. How to determine pregnancy in the allocations and not to take them for the early onset period? Selection of pregnancy differ from menstrual scarcity and darker color. It's spotting, not rich, more brown, sometimes yellow or pink discharge. The data allocation call implant, they occur during the implantation of the embryo in the uterine wall at 5-7 days after fertilization
  • nausea, changes in appetite and sensitivity to smells – people's signs of early pregnancy. They also justified physiological changes, no wonder pregnant women are drawn to "salty". In the first weeks of pregnancy under influence of hormones blood pressure women is falling, and salty food raises it.

Know the very first signs of pregnancy in the early stages is necessary. This will help to recognize your interesting situation and keep it, avoiding unnecessary taking of various medicines.