Estrus in cats (or, in more scientific language, estrus) is a special mental and physiological state of the animal, which occurs in the period of sexual hunting and precedes mating. What you need to know the owner about the condition of the cat?

Unlike dogs, estrus in cats is not accompanied by a bloody discharge, but do not notice it is still difficult. During estrus a cat's behavior changes dramatically. in which direction - depends on her temperament. A cat can become more affectionate or vice versa, more aggressive. She starts rubbing against the furniture or legs of the owner, rolling on the floor, calling the cat with a loud purr. If you stroke the cat on the back (closer to the tail), it will fall on the front paws, bend back, lift the pelvis up and pull the tail aside.

Sometimes estrus in cats is accompanied by a decrease in appetite, increased urination, slight swelling of the vulva and clear discharge. And happens and so that estrus in cats is nearly asymptomatic (the so-called "worn in heat  "). Usually this happens if the animal is weakened or obese.

The first heat  in cats usually occurs at the age of 6-8 months, but the time of the onset of the first estrus in a particular cat is difficult to predict - it depends on many factors. The duration of the estrus and the break between the estrus (interestrus) are also individual for each animal.

Estrus in cats is a perfectly normal physiological state that signals the maturation of the egg. Cheerleaders must the lack of heat over a long period of time or a long protracted estrus  (two weeks or more). The causes of these pathologies can be very different, from improper feeding, nursing and maintenance conditions to hormonal disorders and tumors. Therefore, in case of cycle disorders, the cat needs to be shown to the veterinarian as soon as possible.

Often estrus in cats gives the owners the discomfort — change in behavior can be quite unpleasant. Loud screams, aggression, attempts to escape from the apartment, often accompany the process of heat, can be a source of problems. What to do in this case?

Natural way to stop the heat is to bring the cat with a cat. But whether to do it only to secure a restful sleep? Despite the fact that the estrus in cats begins around the age of six months pregnancy they are ready year and a half. Premature mating can lead to complications and even birth to dead kittens .

But even if the cat is already old enough to give birth, think about what you will do with the kittens? If you have the opportunity to leave them at home or to attach, then you may really need to tie a cat. But why force an animal to give birth, only to then drown kittens or throw them on the street? One thing — if the pregnancy was accidental, the other to go on it consciously. And please note that too frequent childbirth undermine the health of the cat .

Some owners give cats to stop the heat hormonal drugs that act directly on the pituitary gland. These drugs can be applied once or twice a year-at most, they are not designed for regular use. Constantly give your cat hormone treatment is like drinking emergency contraceptives type postinora instead of the pill. Regular use of hormones leads to the development of uterine pathologies and oncological diseases .

Permanently terminate the heat will help the sterilization or castration. Sterilization is a tubal ligation, due to the low efficiency of its almost not used. Castration — the removal of the ovaries and uterus surgically. This operation will not only save you from problems caused by the behavior of the cat during estrus, but also to prevent unwanted pregnancy, pathology of uterus and ovaries and increase the duration of your pet's life by 1.5-2 years.

Of course, only you can decide to subject a cat to castration  - all the same it is a canal operation under general anesthesia. But in most cases it is much more humane to castrate a cat than to give it hormonal drugs or to give birth several times in a row - a single surgical intervention performed by a qualified doctor is safer than a permanent negative effect on the body.

And remember, despite the fact that the estrus in cats often causes a lot of inconvenience to the owners,you cannot scold, to punish, to lock up an animal. A cat behaves this way not because it wants to annoy you, it is inherent in it by nature.