Here comes the long-awaited summer - time for rest, travel and entertainment. And what about the future mother, who does not want to deny herself the pleasure of pampering on the warm sea sand and at the same time is afraid of harming her yet unborn crochet? The final decision, of course, for the woman herself, but the doctor's consultation is not even superfluous.

To go or not

If you are feeling well, there are no complications, then why should you refuse to leave? Undoubtedly, resting on the sea, you not only get great pleasure, but also get well. Everyone knows how useful the sea-rich ion is to air, blood circulation improves, blood pressure normalizes, puffiness decreases, emotional state stabilizes, and warm sand has a positive effect on the kidneys, urinary system, genitals, the sun enriches you with vitamin D, which is necessary for the development of the child. Swimming is very useful for everyone, including pregnant women, and when swimming in the sea and swaying on warm waves, you get a light hydromassage in a natural way.

The most favorable period for a trip is the period from 12 to 30 weeks. Previously, it is better not to go, because there is a threat of miscarriage, since the fetus is still poorly attached to the uterus, and travel on later terms will be a burden to both mom and baby.

It is strictly forbidden to go if there is a threat of miscarriage, placental exfoliation, you have increased or decreased pressure, hypertension of the uterus, in the early stages of pregnancy (up to 12 weeks), if you have abdominal pains or spotting, poor tests, previously had miscarriages or abortions .

Where to go

Doctors recommend to choose resorts or beaches that are near your place of residence. From exotic countries should be abandoned. Give preference to places where a moderately hot climate up to 35°C. a Short trip it is better not to plan, if we decided to have a rest, not less than 10 days, so it was time for acclimatization.

What to bring with you

The main thing that you must take with you in the first place is your exchange card. First-aid kit, vitamins, antiallergic drugs, tanning preparations that do not contain perfumes, are also mandatory in your suitcase. Swimsuits should be comfortable, so that there is not pressed anywhere on the chest and abdominal cavity. If you have a big tummy, then do not forget to buy an antenatal bandage. Headgear, sunglasses, baby cream are also key elements of your luggage.

How to behave on the beach

Arriving at your destination, take a rest off the road, lie down, take out your suitcase and then you can go to the sea. The water temperature should be at least 22 degrees, if strong waves, then do not swim. Sunbathing can only be done in the morning, pre-smeared with sunscreen and putting on a hat.

Don't forget that now your skin is very sensitive, can be spots, burns. On the beach you can stay till 12.00 and from 16.00. Drink plenty of fluids, try not to eat an unfamiliar food, you probably don't know how your body will react. And don't forget about healthy sleep – night bars and discos you better not to visit.

One should not go - take with you for the company of her husband, mother or girlfriend.

Planning a vacation, think over everything to the smallest detail, if your mother is well rested, then the child will enjoy the trip.