When is the first trimester of pregnancy, and with it the morning sickness and other symptoms of toxicosis, often expectant mothers are beginning to eat off. For shape experience is not necessary, you can eat as much as you want, and relatives and then shoved all sorts of Goodies and delicacies. Here pounds and run quietly. But we should not forget that excess weight during pregnancy can lead to some unpleasant consequences.

The rate of weight gain during pregnancy

Active growth of the baby, and together with him and mom, begins after 12-15 weeks. Normal weight gain during pregnancy is between 9 and 16 kg, if you are expecting twins, 16-21 kg. Small deviations from the norm are considered to be quite acceptable. Must be weighed every month. Follow the procedure in the morning without eating Breakfast. For weighing, select the same clothes. Results write down in a notebook. You will also be weighed and measured in the antenatal clinic. Set pounds happens gradually. In the first three months it might be only 1-2 kg, and then in the second trimester up to one kilogram per month and with a 6 to 9 month up to one kilogram in a week. Sudden jumps in weight may indicate some abnormalities in the pregnancy. In such cases, need special care and strict supervision of professionals. But this is only the approximate rate of weight each woman is unique, which means that the pregnancy is progressing each in their own way.

What you need to eat moms

Most of the problems with obesity in women arise due to an unbalanced diet. The diet of the expectant mother should be: fresh fruits and vegetables, lean meats and fish, greens, juices, fresh is better, bread made from wheat flour, dairy products, especially cottage cheese and hard cheese. If you want sweet, prefer prunes, dried apricots, raisins, and dates. Limit yourself to drinking strong coffee and tea. Try to replace it on the green, but better herbal decoction. Also pay attention to the way of cooking. Give preference to boiled, baked and steamed dishes.

How not to gain weight during pregnancy

The woman in "interesting position" is not sick and needs no bed rest (unless it is prescribed by a doctor). Try to move more and more fresh air. It is not only favorably affect the baby, but will help you prepare for childbirth. Also, in order not to gain extra weight during pregnancy, eat better more often, but small portions every 3-4 hours. Stick to a certain mode of the day: full Breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner. Give up the burgers, salads with mayonnaise, cakes and muffins. This does not mean that you should go on a strict diet. But to balance your diet still stands. Consult your doctor on what preparatory courses you might want to go. Now become very popular paired with fitness classes, yoga classes for expectant parents. It is not only useful but will bring you and your husband in such a crucial moment. You can also visit the pool or a special aerobics. It all depends on your desire and possibilities.

Pregnancy is a special state for every woman, so try to spend this time paying more attention to baby and not constantly eating something in front of the TV. And then problems with being overweight during pregnancy, you definitely will not arise.