The plant of the lakonos, or as it is also called, phytolacca, is now very common in the gardens of almost all countries of the world. Its historical homeland is North America, but thanks to its medicinal properties, the lakonos has gained wide popularity. His flowers are very small and white, which eventually turn into dark fruits. To use them in food is not recommended, since this plant is considered poisonous, but for medical purposes it is still used, albeit with great care.

Useful properties

Numerous studies have shown that in the roots of the plant there are useful substances and a special essential oil with a very sharp odor. Therefore, the lakonos is widely used as an anti-inflammatory drug.

In addition, various homeopathic preparations based on it are used to relieve pain, strengthen immunity and purify the body of toxins. But to start using these drugs can only be prescribed by a doctor and strictly adhere to prescribed doses.

In small doses, the lakonos is used to excrete worms from the body and accelerate the metabolic process. Various tinctures are used and as a diuretic. Alcohol tincture perfectly quenches any kind of pain.

Do not underestimate the help of the plant in healing various wounds. Compresses from it are used to treat boils, seals on the skin and to eliminate hemorrhoids.

The main contraindication to the use of this medicinal plant is pregnancy, and at any stage. The fact that the substances that are contained in phytolacus, can affect the pathological development of the fetus.

In medical practice, the facts of drug overdose have been documented. They are manifested by vomiting, convulsions, diarrhea, severe headache. In especially severe cases, even paralysis may occur, stopping breathing and heart rhythm. Therefore, in no case do not start taking drugs from the pancreas yourself. Only a specialist will be able to establish whether you have an individual intolerance to the substances contained in the plant and to prescribe the correct dosage.

Recipes of traditional medicine

  1. For the treatment of patients joints

2 tablespoons of leaves of the Lakonos pour a glass of warm boiled water. The container should be tightly closed with a lid and let stand in a dark place for two weeks. This fluid is used for grinding the back and joints. Sometimes used for compresses.

  • Tincture in diseases of the ears, nose and throat

    10 grams of roots of the plant you need to pour 100 grams of alcohol and insist in a dark place for 14 days. Take it as a drop. Dosage should appoint a doctor, but the daily dose of the drug should not exceed 15 drops. In addition to the treatment of respiratory diseases, this tincture is also taken with various ulcers and kidney diseases.

    Some doctors recommended for diseases of the gastrointestinal tract to eat every day one fruit of lacunosa. But in this case it is better not to procure this drug myself, and buy in a pharmacy.

  • From stomatitis and toothache

    In warm boiled water, we dissolve a pinch of salt. There we add two tablespoons of stems and leaves of the Lakonos and boil for a few minutes. Let the solution cool down a little. After that, they can rinse the mouth with the appearance of sores in the mouth or intense toothache. It is recommended to rinse every four hours.

    You can independently manufacture medicines according to the above prescriptions, but it is better to refrain from self-treatment. Despite all its medicinal properties, the lotus is not a safe plant. There is only one species, the fruits of which are suitable for food. The rest are highly poisonous and may even lead to death.