Ocicat — this is a relatively young breed, which is so similar to their wild relatives. Some say that ociety similar to ocelots, the other reed and the ancient Egyptian cats-anglers. What do You know about this breed of cats?

Breed Ocicat appeared in the last century in the United States. In 1964, Virginia Dale was involved in the breeding of Siamese cats. She wanted to get animals with the color tabby, which was crossed Siamese cats with aussino-Siamese breeds. As a result of these crossings there was a kitten with cream color and gold flecks. Its color resembled the wild cat ocelot. This is where the breed name Ocicat.

That kitten became the ancestor of the breed, and only the first representative. Later Virginia Dale has developed a breeding programme for the removal aciclov. To get the Ocicat was crossed three major cat breeds: Abyssinian. the American Shorthair and the Siamese. In the future, the breeders continued to cross aciclov with the Abyssinians in order to reduce the degree of closely related breeding and to improve the genotype of the animal. Only in 1986 the breed the Ocicat was officially registered in the United States. Since the Ocicat is very similar to the Egyptian Mau, his long recognized in other countries as a separate breed.

Saying that the modern Ocicat is very similar to the ancestor of all domestic cat Indian desert cat. Perhaps this is a brindle color and makes the Ocicat popular among cat lovers. Besides, these cats are distinguished by their intelligence and excellent character.

The Ocicat gets along well with other Pets. Ociety coexist not only with cats of other breeds, but dogs, parrots and even tortoises. Ocicat does not like being alone, so it suffers if no one pays attention. From the Siamese ancestors, the Ocicat has remained "talkativeness". Its meow the cat is constantly trying to Express their wishes or grievances on a particular occasion. Also the Ocicat is notable for its affection and love for people. For the owner the cat can constantly walk from room to room, just to see what he does.

The Ocicat is not afraid of people, and when in the house, it will not hide, and will remain for all to see. After all, the attention of the people he likes! But do not think that the Ocicat will go to the hands of anyone. This cat will sit in the lap of its master.

The Ocicat is very often compared to a dog. This is due to the fact that this cat is very smart, easy to train and teach tricks. Also, the Ocicat can bring teeth to master different things. And they come running when called. Exactly like dogs.

Ocicat kittens are very playful and agile. Even though they are good, but they can manifest possessiveness about their toys. It is very important that kittens from an early age accustomed to human touch. Already at this age, kittens Ocicat needs to get used to the fact that they were picked up. So kittens grow in a friendly and sociable cats.

Adult Ocicat is a very playful and movable animal. Therefore, it is desirable for him to put a special cat tree on which he could climb. An adult cat can be let out into the garden. She will not go far from home and will explore the nearby territory.

Ocicat is a healthy cat that does not have genetic diseases. To care for the coat of the Ocicat is very easy: cat can be brushed once a week. And that the wool shone, the Ocicat is stroked with a suede cloth.

Ociety are only short pile. There are some types of coloration: tabby, smoke and solid. Sometimes also mention the pointed. But this color is very rare. Have aciclov color colorpoint blue eyes. For all other colours the standard is considered to be green or yellow eyes, but not blue. The color of the coat of the Ocicat is striking in its diversity. Recognized colors: black, chocolate, cinnamon, blue, lilac and fawn. The most common is chocolate color.

Cat okitset great for people who are very often at home. This cat will become your favorite and will please everyone with his presence in the house.