Mastitis is an inflammation of the mammary gland in a cat. This disease is very often manifested in lactating cats. Also on the occurrence of mastitis can be affected by various mechanical damage. This breast disease threatens the health of not only the cats, but kittens. How to identify and treat mastitis in cats. tell the country of the Soviets.

Inflammation of the mammary gland in cats appears most often due to stagnation of milk. This is facilitated not only by a false pregnancy or the birth of a dead fetus, but also by too early depriving the kittens of a cat. In addition, postpartum infection and intoxication can also lead to the development of mastitis in a cat.

Mastitis in cats is characterized by swelling, redness of the breast and a local increase in body temperature. The cat will not give to touch the stomach, because the nipples become very painful. It is best to treat mastitis in the early stages. But the problem is that it is not very easy to determine.

The development of mastitis may indicate the cat. If the cat is too often and diligently licking the mammary glands, be sure to examine them. If the disease is at an early stage, you can simply bandage your nipples, so that the kittens no longer suck milk from them. In addition, the affected nipples can be washed with decoction of the bark of oak or infusion of sage leaves. Be careful that kittens are not drunk with medicines. Make sure that the temperature of the medicines for washing does not exceed 40 ° C.

If mastitis in a cat develops in a later period of feeding the kittens, when they can already eat their own other food, they can be completely isolated from the mother. It is advisable for a day to deprive the cat of water, or to limit the amount of drinking to a minimum. In order for the cat to continue to develop the disease, you can gently express the milk 1-2 times a day.

If You don't see any improvement, consult a veterinarian. He will advise certain ointments and medications that will help cure your kitty.

By the way, there are two types of mastitis: congestive and acute septic. Stagnant mastitis appears in the last stages of pregnancy or during lactation. Milk begins to accumulate in the mammary glands, leading to their inflammation. This milk should be checked for acidity. If the pH of milk is 7.0 - it means it is infected and can lead to the disease of kittens.

In acute septic mastitis in cats starts an abscess of the breast. With such inflammation in the milk there are impurities of pus and blood. This milk is toxic and contains bacteria that can cause sudden death of kittens. In this case, always isolate the kittens from the cat and contact the veterinarian. He will prescribe the medicines that must be given to the cat. Abscesses will be removed only surgically.

When the cat starts to recover and the swelling in the nipples will have to go, it should conduct heat treatments. such as warming up, compresses, massage and rubbing the camphor oil in the mammary glands.

As you know, any disease is easier to prevent than to cure. Therefore, pay enough attention to my favorite. To mastitis in cats is not developed, should be created to provide nursing mothers in proper conditions. Properly take care of the animal, do not allow hypothermia, trauma and contamination of the mammary glands. Any wounds, abrasions or cracks in the nipples should be treated promptly.

Special attention should be paid to the health of cats if you experience any postpartum complications. It is also worth noting that after giving birth to cats of longhaired breeds, it is not necessary to cut the hair around the nipples.

The main thing, in no case, do not try to cure the cat yourself. Mastitis is a serious disease that can lead to killing of kittens. By the way, mastitis in a cat can again manifest itself after the next delivery during the feeding of kittens. Therefore, be careful and constantly monitor the well-being of your fluffy pet.