It is a herbaceous plant belonging to the Cabbage family. It is perennial, the height of which varies from thirty to eighty centimeters. Begins flowering of the rape in the spring - at the end of the season. As for her young leaves, they are distinguished by a burning taste. Thanks to a pleasant smell, they can be used not only in the field of traditional medicine, but also in cooking.

The arugula – herb and raw honey

In addition to the fact that it is very widely used in medicine, it is also used in other industries. So, people engaged in the production of honey, argue that this medicinal plant comes out excellent honey. At the same time, the production of bakery products, as well as confectionery products, uses quality oil extracted from seeds of the rape. As for the medical industry, here it is a question of traditional medicine, since the traditional one does not use this medicinal plant as part of medications.

Where growing cress?

It grows in the territory of Europe, Russia, Japan, Australia, North America and New Zealand. Therefore, experts call it a "cosmopolitan plant". Usually it is found in the forest, near water bodies, near roads, in thickets of various bushes. Sometimes this representative of the medicinal flora can find a place even near garbage dumps.

What are the medicinal characteristics of plants have?

Sturgeon can help in the following cases:

  • with chronic fatigue (or, as they say in science: the asthenic syndrome)
  • while insufficient intake of b vitamins With
  • when disturbed functioning of the nervous system
  • if the reduced normal sexual activity.

With regard to nerve disorders, here the rape is an auxiliary tool even in the therapy of paralysis and epilepsy. And although she, of course, is not able to cope with such serious ailments, a certain beneficial effect, yet, the plant renders.

Dosage forms

If we talk about those parts of the plant that are widely used in folk medicine, then this:

Harvesting occurs during the flowering period, and the collected and dried grass can be stored for no more than one year. From it is prepared the infusion, which exerts on the human body the effect of such a plan:

To prepare the infusion, we need:

  • dry grass
  • chop it
  • dilute one spoon tablespoon chopped bittercress Cup boiling water
  • leave for a few hours
  • strain it using gauze (material is necessary before it is folded up to its thickness is in a couple of layers)
  • add water (amount in the end to get the original).

After all the stages passed, the infusion can be consumed. He drinks four times a day twenty minutes before you start eating. At a time you need to drink a quarter of a glass. This infusion helps:

  • in the process of sperm production
  • in cases where reduced sexual activity
  • if you have suffered neurasthenia
  • when there is a General weakness
  • with such diseases as dropsy, stroke, epilepsy, scurvy and paralysis.

If you complain about the general weakness, then here comes tea from rape, which will give new strength.

People who are well versed in folk recipes know that the rape can be used not only on its own, but also on a combination with other plants - St. John's wort, sage, nettle. It is necessary to combine everything so that the proportions are equal. When you mixed these plants, pour the resulting mixture (a tablespoon) with boiling water (one glass). It must be infused for forty minutes, after which it must be filtered. Drink twice a day (half the glass). The medication should be taken twenty minutes before the start of the meal. The course of treatment lasts three weeks.

If you want to try for medicinal purposes rape, there is good news: there are practically no contraindications for its use. Caution with it should only behave to those who have increased bleeding. Do not get carried away with it when you have stones in your bladder and kidneys. In the remaining cases, you are treated without worrying.