Lover has long been attributed healing properties, because people knew about its stimulating, aromatic, nutritional and therapeutic characteristics.

Lovage: medicinal properties

This medicinal plant is rich in such components:

  • potassium salts
  • essential oil
  • vitamins
  • minerals
  • starch;
  • sugar
  • tannins
  • resin
  • copper
  • coumarin
  • malic acid.

Infusion, decoction and juice from the leaves and roots of the remedy are used in folk medicine in order to achieve this effect:

Useful for lovage loving intestinal peristalsis during constipation. Its infusion is used to strengthen hair and enhance their growth.

As experts note, the medicinal plant has anti-inflammatory properties, beneficially affecting the healing of cuts, wounds and scratches. In addition, the medicinal properties of this plant are actively used by modern medicine and cosmetology.

With regard to diseases in which the lovage is helping to fight, it is:

  • nervous diseases
  • migraine
  • anemia
  • different kinds of inflammation
  • swelling.

Among other characteristics, lovage has the ability to fight against helminthiasis, flatulence, insufficient bowel. Even when alcoholism medications on the basis of this drug contribute to the fight against harmful addiction.

Speaking about the field of beauty, it is important to note that the decoction of the plant is used to wash the head, since the hair after it becomes shiny and silky.

Healing infusions and decoctions from lovage

Fighting anemia and nervous problems

Decoctions, as well as infusions based on lovage are used to treat non-healing wounds and ulcers. In addition, they are perfect for pustular skin diseases.

One spoonful of the ground roots of the plant is poured with a glass of water, then it is kept in an enameled closed bowl for half an hour in a water bath. Let's cool it for ten minutes. Then it is necessary to strain the product through gauze (two or three layers). Add boiled water to increase the amount of medicine to the original. Take three times a day at a dosage of 1-2 tablespoons for half an hour before meals. The use for a long time contributes to the effective fight against anemia, as well as to reduce the level of excitability of the nervous system.

Getting rid of rheumatism and gout

If you are worried about rheumatism or gout, then lovage is suitable for therapy. Cook on a faint light 5 grams of dried roots of the plant for fifteen minutes after boiling. We insist, we enclose and filter the received remedy for three hours. We take it four times a day for half an hour before meals. Dosage a tablespoon at a time.

Additional positive features of lovage

In addition to these methods, lovage can be used for:

  • the prevention and combating hair loss (root decoction)
  • optimization of the gastrointestinal tract (tea)
  • to combat worms (fresh stems and leaves)
  • relieve headaches (leaves that need to be applied to the head)
  • the treatment of pustular skin problems (baths, compresses)
  • purification of blood (infusions, decoctions).

Lovage in cooking

As mentioned above, this representative of the flora is actively used in the culinary industry, as it improves the taste of many dishes with their straight-taste characteristics. In this case, fruits, stems, roots, and leaves are also good as spices. All the components of loving are not only equally tasty, but equally useful, if we talk about their nutritional value.

As for home cooking, here you can find love in soups, sauces, meat and fish dishes, salads, etc. According to the culinary experts, the taste of the meat broth changes significantly when adding lover to it.

Because, as you can see, the described miracle plant will help you and cope with diseases, and add to your diet a variety and piquancy.