Long been known that health is given to us from birth. We acquired it genetically from their parents. But if genetics are all fine, does it mean that it always will remain, a decent level? Or conversely, if health is not good enough, it will be every day to get worse?

The term ‘Siberian health” was not accidental. It can be explained as the highest degree of satisfaction with themselves, their physical, spiritual and mental level. Moreover, there is the conviction of scientists that only 20% of our body is affected by genetics. The remaining 40% is environment. And this environment, proper nutrition, a sense of satisfaction, positive emotions, self-actualization. So, let's understand the causes and consequences.

What factors affect our body?

Since ancient times it is known that the human body is a carcass basis. Here is important any detail. Namely:

  • heredity;
  • the pace of life
  • physical exercise;
  • playing sports;
  • creativity
  • proper nutrition;
  • demand
  • ecology
  • positive emotions
  • mentality
  • energy
  • mental health

Any factor significantly affects a person. If we remove at least one of them, then you don't even have to talk about high-quality strong spirit of man. And the spirit helps us to survive and be filled with energy.

The effect of the energy on the mental field of the person

Sorry, still a huge number of people don't pay attention to the energy component, the core of our mental nature. And for good reason.

Energy is everything that surrounds us. When people are healthy, they glow with happiness, they are filled with physically and mentally, they are not worried about visitors to the unjust world. They want to soar. As soon as the energy supply is disrupted, people start to cheer, first on the mental level, then in the physical.

What leads them to extinction? Wrong way of life. Don't forget that the number of pendulums that take away our energy and thus destroy our strong body. Here they are:

  • malevolent people
  • quarrels, conflicts, stress
  • negative beliefs and programs
  • the limitations of thinking
  • dissatisfaction
  • the unwillingness to act
  • lack of motivation
  • the wrong location of the bed
  • inadequate relationship to reality
  • parent program, etc.

In fact, the negative factors can be listed to infinity. Because wanting to spoil him enough. It is necessary to consider it and calm down, otherwise mental health will be deteriorated and will lead to irreversible results.

Ways to improve energy forces of the body

Man is so fragile and unique, so you should treat yourself gently, with love. And remember one simple truth: if he can't love yourself, no one will be able to help him. And the love of self leads to satisfaction.

The list of factors that increase the energy potential, and thus contributing to Siberian health:

  • communion with nature
  • a positive attitude
  • goodwill
  • proper nutrition;
  • yoga
  • walking barefoot
  • vegetarianism and much more

If one understands the distinction between physical and spiritual health, he focused on what he's going to have Siberian health in the truest sense of the word.

How to support your body at the highest level?

It is important to remember the basic laws, improving mood and positive attitude to everything new.

The law of attraction. We draw into our lives only those people and those events that are in our thoughts. Hence the conclusion is positive thinking.

The law of similarity.A person is able to attract into your life only those circumstances and situations that had already formed in his mind by reading Newspapers, watching television, socializing with people.

The law of mirroring. Only depends on us, our state of the organism at a particular period of time. Depending on our actions, actions that we ourselves create our destiny. Everything is in our hands, so you should as often as possible to think about the good.

Siberian health is not a myth, but a goal to which we must go, adhering to a healthy way of life, observing the harmony of spirit and body and rejoicing every new day.