Aqua aerobics is popular and in demand in our time. Thanks to a properly selected set of exercises, you can easily get rid of excess body weight and cellulite. Classes of aqua aerobics occur in the water.

The most common water sport is swimming. However, lessons are not as effective as water fitness, for classes that do not need to be able to swim well.

Water aerobics: exercises

By aqua aerobics, there are many exercises. In this article, we present the most effective and popular ones. Exercises for aqua aerobics in pictures you can see on our website.

Exercise 1

It consists in running, which must be done in water, and its level should reach you to the chest. During the lesson, try to raise your knees higher, swing your arms as if you were running normally. The length of the session is 15 minutes.

Exercise 2

We get rid of excess weight on the buttocks and hips. It is necessary to become face to the handrails, the water level on the chest. As high as possible, we lift the left leg, then we take it back and lower it. Keep your back straight. Repeat exercises 10-15 times for each leg.

Exercise 3

We perform jumps in the water with simultaneous turning of the body to the sides. So we are working oblique abdominal muscles. The lead time is 3-4 minutes.

Exercise 4

You have to turn your back to the side and lean on it. Do the exercise "bike" and "scissors" in the water. Such an exercise trains the muscles of the press and legs.

Exercise 5

We train the muscles of the legs and buttocks. Being waist-deep in the water, make attacks with your feet forward.

Exercise 6

Holding on to the side, hold the ball between your knees, put your feet into the water. This way you will work the muscles of the abdomen and the inside of the thigh. Repeat such manipulations in 2-3 minutes.

Aqua aerobics: contraindications

When starting any sport, do not forget about contraindications. And although there are practically no contraindications in aquatic fitness, people who have chronic and incurable diseases should consult their doctor before going to the pool.

A disease in which contraindicated aerobics:

  • asthma;
  • heart disease
  • allergic to chlorine
  • rheumatism;
  • seizures
  • hypertension;
  • SARS, influenza and other respiratory diseases.

To attend aqua aerobics, you need a certificate from your doctor. Also, do not forget to tell the trainer about your physical health, the contraindications and recommendations of the therapist. Do not attend training if you are not feeling well.

Water aerobics: benefits and harms

About the benefits of aerobics in the water is known a lot. Such training helps to solve problems with excess weight and cellulite, help to strengthen health and immunity, as well as keep the body in good shape. Since aqua aerobics does not carry heavy loads, it practically does not have any contraindications. Classes are very effective, and water facilitates the implementation of complex tasks. This type of fitness is recommended for girls in the position, elderly ladies, people who suffer from diseases of the spine, vessels and varicose veins.

Therefore, water aerobics, the benefit of which is much more than from other fitness techniques, is so popular nowadays. Training gives people a chance to lose weight, improve their health and keep their youth.