A healthy and restful sleep will not only make up the force, but also strengthen the immune system, give energy and good mood for the whole day.

What to do to sleep became that way? You need to correctly arrange a bed. Well, to do it without a good pillow is simply impossible.

Its main task is to support the cervical vertebrae in a natural position. In this case, the muscles of the neck and the whole spine can relax and blood flow to the brain is in normal mode.

If You picked up the wrong pillow, you can forget about the rest. In the morning You will not only feel the tidal forces and energy, and Vice versa, will feel overwhelmed and lethargic at the very beginning of the day. To avoid this, I advise You to seriously approach the selection of this important subject.

Criteria for choosing a pillow

There are classic and orthopedic pillows. The last are made taking into account the anatomical structure of the spine. They help not only to relax in comfort, but also provides correct position of neck and spine during sleep. Due to this, relax the muscles and ligaments, reduces the risk of spinal curvature, and reduced the discomfort and pain for those who are already suffering from any orthopedic diseases.

Modern pillows are square or rectangular in shape. Options of size 70. 70 cm are increasingly rare, they are superseded by a model of size 50. 70 and 40. 60 cm Is due to the fact that the pillow must end where it starts the shoulders, so that the back does not have to lie on the pillow – rectangular models are more convenient than square. Also note that the length of the pillow (or multiple, if in bed sleep two) shall not exceed the width of the mattress.

This characteristic depends on several parameters. The wider the shoulders of the sleeping, the higher the cushion he needed for a good sleep. If a person frequently sleeps on his side, he needs a higher version than the rest back. The selection takes into account the softness of the mattress: how is it tougher, the lower should be the pillow. High models are recommended for overweight people and those suffering from high blood pressure or snoring during sleep.

This figure also varies and depends on several factors. Most are soft pillows of silk and down, the most rigid orthotic. When choosing the rigidity of the cushion it is important to consider the position in which you prefer to sleep: if on the side — choose the hard option, the abdomen was soft. If you usually sleep on your back, you will approach the pillow of medium hardness.


Today, the store features a huge selection of pillows with various fillings. Each of them has its advantages and disadvantages. Choose your filler based on personal preferences for softness/stiffness and the individual characteristics of your body.

  • Feathers. These pillows are appreciated for softness and bouncy volume, which in turn helps to avoid headaches. However, feather pillows once a year should be given to cleaning, and after 5 years replace with a new one.
  • Wool and silk. Woolen and silk cushions are very light. They are perfectly streamlined and have good antistatic and hypoallergenic quality. However, these pillows are more expensive models with all other natural and some synthetic fillers.
  • Natural fibers. Today, more and more popular pillows made from bamboo and eucalyptus fibers. They have antibacterial properties and are recommended for people with sensitive skin and respiratory diseases. This category also includes pillows from natural latex.
  • Synthetic fibers. To this type are pillows made of polyester (it is also called "hollofayber"), padding polyester and polyester. They do not absorb moisture, long time keep the original form, fasteners are tight and are hypoallergenic.
  • Memory foam. Gradually gaining popularity pillows from this innovative material, like a foam shape memory. It has unique characteristics, for example, immunity to pressure, the ability to adjust Your posture during sleep and correctly support the spine. Perhaps the only drawback of pillows from this material is their high cost.
  • Taktile. Pillows with this filler of a new generation appeared in the world recently, in 2012. They were designed by the American Professor Robert Oxman. The cushions based on the material Taktile combines the excellent anatomical properties and unsurpassed comfort.

Pillow Hilding Anders is the right choice

Innovative materials, modern technology and strict quality control help the company Hilding Anders for many years to be one of the European market leader in products for sleep. Today these benefits are available to the Russian buyer, the choice of which company offers pillows of different brands.

This Swiss brand embodies the optimal ratio of price and quality. Among its products presented a classic cushion and anatomical shape. They are used with innovative materials such as foam with shape memory, polyester fiber and artificial Swan's down.

Anatomic pillow of this brand are unparalleled in the domestic market. Used for the manufacture of material Taktile, which provides orthopaedic support and gives the softness of a conventional pillow. Model Sleep Professor are the first in Russia orthopedic pillows, which don't need to get used to. In addition, they are warranted for 5 years.

Hilding Anders helps You take care of the health and creates the goods that Your sleep will be comfortable. Turning to signature salon, You can always choose the best option. You can also make an order in the online store, taking full advantage of online shopping.

We wish You a full and healthy sleep!