There are many misconceptions about lactation and breastfeeding characteristics. One of the most "popular" - a sick mother can not be breastfed. In fact, the opposite is true: if a lactating woman has a cough, the mother's milk needs to be doubled!

Cough during lactation: what you need to know

Protective forces of the maternal organism during breastfeeding are very often weakened. A woman can easily catch a cold or become a victim of more serious diseases. Cough - the main symptom of acute respiratory disease, ARVI, bronchitis, pneumonia, allergies. What to do in order not to infect the baby? First of all, do not panic and wean the baby from the breast at the first sign of a cold.

Deprivation of a prenatal invaluable time spent with his mother alone during feeding will make the child moody and restless. Moreover, a sharp transition to an artificial mixture will do him more harm than close communication with a mother who has a cough and runny nose. By the way, there is an opinion that the milk of a lactating mother can be ... boiled and then given to the baby. This is absurd! Boiling will not only destroy the causative agent of the disease, but will also turn a valuable natural product into a "dummy", depriving it of all useful and antimicrobial properties. The possibilities of modern medicine make it possible to choose a sparing treatment for a woman who is breastfeeding.

Breast-feeding during a cold is not only possible, but definitely need to continue! The main precaution – the use of gauze bandages not only when feeding but also any close contact with the baby. The milk of diseased mothers is the best prophylactic and remedy for her child. During a cold the body lactating women developed protective antibodies that are passed through the milk to the child, provide him a natural immunization.

How to choose cough medicine while breastfeeding

The reaction to the slightest changes in the health of the nursing mother should be immediate. If the problem is left to chance, a banal cough can be transformed into much more dangerous diseases, for example, in unilateral pneumonia. A good cough remedy for nursing mother will help you choose a doctor. What means should I prefer?

Folk cough remedies during lactation

Recipes of traditional medicine is good not only because it is practically free, compared to the official medicine. Their main advantage is natural and safe for mom and her baby.

  1. To resist a strong cough may be taking milk with added alkaline mineral water. Hot drink a little drink during the day.
  2. Hoarse cough will soften the milk in which you cooked the figs.
  3. Unproductive (dry) cough neutralize this remedy: milk is boiled in onion, then the broth is added a small portion of honey. Drink the medicine three times a day.
  4. When you cough, drink lots of water. This can be a berry fruit drinks, broth hips, hot boiled water, add 2 – 3 tablespoons of jam of black currant.

Go for medicine to a pharmacy

Producers of medicines have taken care of breastfeeding mothers too-many cough drugs are on sale that do not prevent the baby from breastfeeding. Let's get acquainted with the most popular of them:

  1. Ambroxol (similar to Mucosolvan, Ambrobene, .) – copes successfully with thinning mucus
  2. Prospan – based tool ivy. Bronhospazmolitikami and has powerful anti-inflammatory action. Take 10 drops up to 5 times a day
  3. Herbion (plantain syrup) - good with dry, unproductive cough. Drink 5 ml 3 times a day;
  4. Pertussin – 1 dessert spoon 3 times a day
  5. All medications cough consists of anise or licorice root.

It should be remembered that the treatment is not pursued by suppression of cough, which is just a protective reaction of the body, and elimination of its cause. The right choice for nursing mothers will help to make a competent specialist.