When the body breaks the mechanism of digestion of food, the result is always one - a digestive disorder. Fertile soil for the development of dyspepsia can be pathological inflammatory processes in the organs of the digestive system, unbridled appetite, expressed by regular overeating, the use of heavy food for the stomach. Standard "set" problems with digestion: heaviness in the stomach, swelling and abdominal pain, belching, constipation, which alternate with a loose stool, general weakness against a background of mild nausea.

Problems with digestion in a nursing mother

A sick woman with a baby on breastfeeding can only sympathize: she has the same problems as other people, but many medicines are contraindicated. Many of the non-harmless components of medications are easily absorbed into the mother's milk, and then, respectively, into the baby's body. Therefore, before you drink any pill, a nursing woman should consult a doctor. Only a specialist can advise what medicines you can take your mother during lactation. Let's look at the most common causes of discomfort in the abdomen and stomach in particular, and also find out what drugs doctors usually give to women who breast-feed.

Enzyme insufficiency

A full work of the gastrointestinal tract is provided by certain enzymes that produce the pancreas. With their deficiency in the body, the most important processes of digestion and absorption fail. To normalize the patient's condition, the gastroenterologist can prescribe the following medicines:

  1. Pancreatin (analogue of Creon 10000). Enzymes of amylase, lipase, proteases in the preparation break down proteins, fats and carbohydrates, providing a persistent therapeutic effect.
  2. Digestal, Festal, Pansinorm Forte. These funds are necessary in the event that enzyme deficiency negatively affects the work of the liver and bile ducts.
  3. Mezim Forte is the most "soft" preparation that corrects the insufficient formation of enzymes in the pancreas. It can be taken even by pregnant women and young children.

A strong burning sensation behind the sternum, which flames up to the throat itself, appears when the contents of the stomach enter the esophagus. As a result, the level of acidity is increased, the reduction of which is provided by nonabsorbable drugs, neutralizing the action of hydrochloric acid. A nursing mother can easily take a pill of Maalox, Fosfalugel or Almagel.

This unpleasant condition occurs when the formed gases are not completely absorbed by the intestine. Excessive gas formation can also be caused by potatoes, milk, vegetables and black bread. The severe pain in the abdomen, passing after the gases have passed away, is the brightest symptom of flatulence. Traditional medicine advises in such cases to be saved by infusions from fruits of cumin, chamomile flowers or dill oil.

These remedies can be combined with preparations containing simethicone: Espumizan, Sab Simplex. They remove the spasm of the smooth muscles of the intestine and at the same time stimulate the intestinal motility.

Constipation entails a serious intoxication of the body, the source of which are feces, which did not leave the intestines on time. Nursing mothers may be concerned about headache, decreased appetite, pulling the lower abdomen, insomnia. You can fight with constipation using natural remedies: bark of buckthorn, castor oil, hay leaves, sea kale, bran. In the pharmacy you can buy drugs of plant origin - Regulax or Mukofalk. The effect of taking medication will come in 12 to 24 hours.


Violation of the composition of the natural microflora in the intestine primarily affects the digestion of nutrients by the body, it upsets digestion and stimulates the development of pathogenic bacteria. A breastfeeding woman has decreased immunity - she is prone to various kinds of infections. In this case, prescribe an effective medicine Bifidumbacterin Forte, which quickly restores the microflora.

Liver dysfunction

Inflammatory processes in the liver and gallbladder disrupt the production of bile and change its composition. As a result, a person becomes a victim of the so-called dyspeptic syndrome - he is tormented by heartburn, eructation, often sick. For women breastfeeding, the doctor can advise a sparing treatment with the help of tansy flowers, immortelle, corn stigmas. Decoctions and infusions from these plants stimulate the production of bile, make it less viscous. The release of bile into the intestines is also improved by the action of magnesium sulfate, or Magnesia.

Stomach ulcer

Ulceration of the gastric mucosa is one of the most serious pathologies of the gastrointestinal tract. How can I anesthetize the stomach in a nursing mother? In the treatment of topical agents that protect the gastric mucosa from the aggressive action of hydrochloric acid: Sucralfate, Misoprostol. They are absolutely safe for lactation.

The peculiarities of the gastrointestinal tract work from time to time causes us certain inconveniences. Nursing mothers need to be especially vigilant inadvertently not to harm the health of their child. Therefore, all your thoughts about the treatment of a particular problem must certainly be discussed with your doctor.