For women pregnancy is the most important stage in her life, because she is responsible not only for themselves but also for the baby. Therefore, whatever the expectant mother, one way or another affects the well-being of the fetus.

In the first twelve weeks (first trimester) any procedure is only as directed by your doctor.

In the second trimester to improve health recommended massage. Patients sometimes all future mothers are often the lower back, joints and legs. An essential point is unstable emotional background. Best with such illnesses cope light massage. But can you do pregnancy massage? This question can only be answered by your doctor. Eliminating all disease and doubt, experts recommend massagetherapy some parts of the body, namely:

  • cervical and back that helps relieve stress and fatigue
  • lower extremities with swelling and to prevent varicose veins
  • the mammary glands in early lactation (when a large to make milk).

When do I need a massage?

Every second woman in the position complains of pain and swelling after walking. The reason for this is a violation of the water balance. The growing uterus presses on the major vessels in the pelvis, this is incorrect blood circulation in the lower divisions, its outflow is impeded and there is a lymphedema – delay fluids in the body. It is necessary to consult a gynecologist, as swelling of the legs may be a sign of pathology. Moderate swelling in most cases safe for mother and fetus, it is simply the result of physiological processes. To prevent and relieve fatigue pregnant recommend a foot massage.

  1. Increased body temperature.
  2. Toxicosis.
  3. Infectious or viral diseases.
  4. Epilepsy.
  5. High blood pressure.
  6. Skin diseases.
  7. Autoimmune disorders.
  8. Tumors of different localization.

Rules of massage

  • Select a convenient location (often sitting or lying on your side), take pre-cooked oil and a towel.
  • Massaging has the sequence: the first stage is a warm up stop, then ankle, then calf and calves at the end of the thigh.
  • Don't forget about the relaxing functions of physiotherapy: no pressure.
  • Focus on the muscles, often suffer from seizures.
  • Movement spending from blizraspolozhennykh vessels to lymph nodes.
  • Include in the procedure a circular rotation and flexion-extension stop.
  • Session duration is limited to 10-15 minutes.

What not to do during a massage

  1. Lying on the stomach (second and third trimesters of pregnancy).
  2. When kneading the muscles is not necessary to affect the lymph nodes.
  3. Varicose veins is required with care to perform rubbing on the affected area.
  4. To eliminate shock and vibration techniques.

Separate attention deserves a foot massage, which is the point responsible for the many organs and systems. Intensification of these sites not only reduces swelling in the limbs, but also relieves nausea, back pain, etc. Another form of foot massage is a hot bath with aromatic oils.

Physiotherapy at home for the future mother not only a way to relax, but also improve metabolism, accelerate detoxification, normalize the functioning of kidneys and heart. Remember: when you feel more comfortable you in turn, preserve a new life!