There are various types of massages. After some bruises - this is normal, and after others - the consequences of incompetence and negligence of a specialist. In most cases, any traces after the procedure are unacceptable. The work of the masseur is to make the massage session as useful to the patient as possible, and in no case to the detriment of his health.

Bruises after a massage – is this normal?

We must first deal with the situation before giving an exhaustive answer to the question. Any bruise or bruise after a massage is a cosmetic defect that is highly undesirable. But then there is another fact: if the procedure is performed with the help of kulaks, then it is possible that there will be traces on the body. In this case it is quite normal skin reaction to such actions. But the answer will be absolutely the opposite, when the question concerns whether bruises are possible after the massage with your fingers.

Most often the procedure with the use of fists goes, when a correction of the figure is made, the purpose of which is to remove the extra pounds on the body. It is in this case that the masseur must use his fists for efficiency. Therefore, it is claimed that bruises after anti-cellulite massage are normal. And this is due to the fact that when a masseur uses force, he injures small vessels, after which they burst, and the blood begins to come out into the surrounding soft tissues.

Whatever type of massage, it should not require any special effort. In the case of therapeutic effects of the massage begins with a hot stage, followed by the main phase and gradually coming final. All the time used only fingers, no fists. What is the meaning of therapeutic massage? This activation of microcirculation in the diseased organ or area of the body.

Currently gaining popularity cellulite massage technique, which is to work only fingers. Fists is strictly prohibited and unacceptable. Max can form a few small bruises after anti-cellulite massage, which must quickly take place. So, clearly, it all depends on the work of the masseur, his experience and knowledge. Another variant of bruising may be fatigue of the masseur, in this case, he can go of the necessary equipment on the fists. Although many customers believe that the bruising from cellulite massage   this is normal and even necessary, there should not be such consequences permanently.

What if after a massage appeared bruises

So, with bruises after a massage understood. What measures should be taken if all the same on the body after the procedure, formed a bluish spots? The answer is quite simple and easy. The first thing you need to understand what is a bruise. The skin is illuminated the blood, released from damaged vascular bed. To accelerate the disappearance of bruises after a massage, you can use different warming compresses.

Special anti-inflammatory ointments also help. If you do not want to use the treatment for bruises, you can leave it as it is and they will dissolve themselves. But be prepared for the fact that this process may take a longer time.

If you do not like the massage or the way the massage therapist does the procedure, you can always contact another specialist for this service. Your body should only benefit from a massage session, and not suffer.