At home, you can do a massage no worse than in a beauty salon. The procedure is suitable for the most common items, in this case - spoons. This method became popular thanks to the famous French cosmetologist René Koch.

Massage spoons

For a massage, you will need four tablespoons and a little cream. There are several execution techniques. Today we will tell you how to smooth out wrinkles on your face.

  1. To smooth the wrinkle, located between the eyebrows, apply to this area a cold spoon, and then hot. Repeat several times.
  2. Prepare two chilled spoons and two hot. Now, in turn, adjusts its in the center of the forehead and zig-zag drive to the temples. Temples six times lightly press down with a spoon.
  3. For smoothing nasolabial folds great massage with hot spoons. Heat them and slather cosmetic cream (better to take wrinkle). Open your mouth as if pronouncing the letter "O", and attach devices to areas that are slightly below the wings of the nose. Take three or four circular motion, and move the spoon in the corners of the mouth. Again, make a circular motion and repeat the manipulation again. As needed heat the spoon and smear with cream again.

  • To tone the décolleté and neck, you need a silver spoon. Of course, you can take and ordinary, but the best thing for these sites is the effect of this particular metal. The spoon should be cold, oils and creams are not needed. Easy and smooth movements and apply pressure on the neck area. Start massaging from the bottom to the chin. Chest move from the center of the chest to the armpits. Perform the procedure at least 2-3 times a week, and the result will not wait!
  • See the video about the massage with spoons below.

    Cryomassage at home

    Cryomassage is the impact on skin with liquid nitrogen. It effectively combats signs of aging, smoothes wrinkles, improves skin tone and normalizes metabolism. The procedure is performed in beauty salons but at home it can be done no less effectively. For home the first thing you need to prepare a special ice. Take boiled water and clean better. Boil the medicinal herbal decoction.

    For the face, such dry herbs are excellent: chamomile, sage, nettle, aloe, string, oak bark, nettle, celandine, wormwood. Add to the infusion essential oils, juice of fresh berries and fruits. For oily skin, essential oils of orange, lemon, chamomile, and for dry - geranium, jasmine, tea tree, lavender. Massage should be done after a hot shower or sauna, until the skin is well roasted. With ready ice, drive along the skin along the massage lines for 5-7 minutes. After the end of the process, apply a moisturizer to the skin.

    Jacquet massage technique

    Jacquet massage is also called out. Technique is of special movements which help to significantly improve skin condition. The procedure is best suited to people with oily and problem skin. It helps to eliminate stagnation, seborrhea, acne, acne scars, acne and even pigmentation.

    The technique consists of three basic movements:

    • pinch or deep skin
    • kneading the skin with your fingers. Involved not only the skin but also the muscles
    • a plucked vibrating movement with a certain pressure.

    The tissues need to be well kneaded, but the pressure in the eyelid region should be lowered. It is these movements that help improve blood circulation and release stagnant phenomena. Before the massage, the face should be thoroughly cleaned and treated with a disinfectant. Below is a video about Jacquet massage, which will help to understand the process in more detail.