Chinese acupressure is different: back, face, abdomen, etc. The main thing in it is the use of special points. Sessions help to improve blood microcirculation, increase the energy reserve in the human body and make the tissues more elastic. Wrong technique will not give the proper effect or even harm the patient, because you need to trust yourself exclusively to professionals.

Chinese massage technique

The basis of acupressure is to press the active points, which direct the impulses to certain organs. Specialists number about 700 such special points on the human body. All of them are important for the proper functioning of the body. Massage with pads or fingernails. By pressing movements or light jerks, the masseur activates the desired point.

Thus, the diagnosis of an existing problem in a particular person is carried out. The conclusion is made by his reactions and sensations. Most often the patient feels numbness, aches or the spread of heat in a certain place. If there is a feeling of cold, this phenomenon means the interruption of the energy flow, which requires treatment.

The procedure helps to effectively eliminate soreness. There is the development of endorphins, which also nullify the pain. Tissues are accelerated with oxygen, and metabolism is activated. Disintegration products and toxins are recovered much more quickly, the body is improving. After the first session, the patient feels rested and cheerful.

Chinese massage: indications

Therapy helps to get rid of migraines, joint diseases, shock, fainting. The procedure can be performed even for small children (from one year). In this way it is possible to achieve a substantial increase efficiency, improve memory, immunity.

In addition, the dot effect is shown when:

Therapy helps fight the manifestations of aging: it increases the skin turgor and smooths the facial wrinkles. Often, sessions are performed in conjunction with acupuncture, cauterization and vacuum exposure. Chinese massage: contraindications It is important to take seriously contraindications, so as not to worsen the patient's condition.

Among the limitations are:

  • fever, fever
  • tuberculosis
  • blood diseases;
  • benign or malignant tumors in any organs
  • acute diseases of the gastrointestinal tract
  • exhaustion.

If there are contraindications, you must stop the sessions until they are fully recovered, if possible. Chinese facial massage Facial acupressure effectively removes wrinkles and improves skin condition in general. Also on the face there are many points that cause pain in the head, insomnia, the state of blood vessels, dizziness.

To get rid of such problems will help massage. It is worth noting that the elderly in China are very active, and they are all long-lived. This phenomenon makes us seriously think about Eastern medicine, which has been developed for centuries by numerous healers and sages. It is not necessary to take massage courses in China, basics can be learned independently. For starters, we offer a cognitive video about the technique.

Video about Chinese back massage