The best cosmetics have always been considered the products, having in its composition of organic components. Only natural ingredients can have a positive effect on the skin, without causing side effects. Cosmetics Hendel belongs to the class of organic, effective and affordable.


More than 20 years of its existence, mark Hendel became known as the high-level cosmetics that contain natural oils and elements that promote the natural preservation of health and youthful skin. Among the lines of the company such as cosmetics for problem skin with a concentrate of carrot, cheese curds with pomegranate extract, creams with components jagadhari, stopping aging.

The basis of the success of the brand was the use of the latest technology combined with traditional recipes and natural elements. While many cosmetic companies introduce in life exclusively chemically active substances which are effective but quite harmful to the body, Hendel keeps the balance of technology and nature. Thanks to the natural and harmless components, products Hendel suitable for a large number of consumers who can use it for a long time without fear of exposure or accumulation in tissues of harmful substances.