Scoliosis is the lateral bends of the spine in people. Such a pathology can be detected at birth or acquired during life. Therefore, the disease occurs in both children and adults. Scoliosis of 3rd and 4th degree is a serious deviation, which is difficult to treat right up to surgical intervention. It is easier to deal with scoliosis 1 degree and 2 degrees. Massages, physiotherapy, swimming and, of course, a set of exercises for scoliosis, which can be performed without difficulty at home, are effective here.

A set of exercises for scoliosis in children

In children, gymnastics is distinguished by easier movements. Most of the exercises should be recommended by the attending physician, but you can easily study at home with exercise therapy. Note that before every workout, you need a warm-up.

Standing exercises:

  1. Walking on the ground with a smooth posture. While walking you can do the following:
    • lifting hands up - on inhalation, on exhalation - lowering down;
    • left arm raised up, right – down. Alternately change the position of the hands
    • hands on waist, elbows pulled back, the blades connected together, the raised chin – walking on toes
    • hands above your head, pursed "in the castle", elbows to side, the muscles of the back and neck are tense – a walk on the heels.
  2. Standing, the child rises on toes and stretches her hands to the ceiling, then slowly lowers them.
  3. Same drill as the previous one, only the feet remain on the floor.

Lying on back:

  1. Stretch the elbow of the left arm to the right knee, then swap positions.
  2. To raise by one knee toward your chest, holding for a few seconds, and lower back.
  3. Knees bent legs to slowly raise the abdomen and clap hands under knees.

Lying on the stomach:

  1. Stretching hands in front of him, to lift his legs. To perform a "boat" rocking back and forth.
  2. Resting his hands on the floor ahead of him, one at a time, lift each leg as high as possible.
  3. Hands behind his head. Caving in, to gently lift her head up, pausing in this position for a few seconds.

This set of exercises for scoliosis so you can safely run, school children and Teens. Younger is better to carry out physiotherapy under medical supervision and strictly according to his recommendations.

A set of exercises for scoliosis in adults

For the treatment and prevention of scoliosis in adults ornaments exercises, recommended for children, adding more complex.

  1. Be straight with feet located at shoulder level, arms parallel to the body. Slow to connect to the scapula, working the muscles of the shoulder girdle and thoracic. Hold this position for a few seconds and return to starting position.
  2. Standing, raise very wide feet. Torso to the side. Meanwhile, one hand goes on the floor or relies on chair and the other is pulled up. Pull the housing need in the direction of curvature.
  3. Standing on all fours, lifting and pulling your right hand in front of you and left leg back parallel to the floor. A few seconds to change the arm and leg on the opposite.
  4. Lie on the floor on his side, on the side of the curve. In the area of the waist to put a small pillow or cushion. The lower leg should be straight and the upper one bent at the knee. Upper hand to have the head parallel to the floor. Such a position fix for a few seconds, then relax.

Exercises for scoliosis need to be performed 1-2 times a day in several approaches.

If the spine is curved, it is necessary to visit the attending physician or orthopedist, perform all their recommendations and periodically undergo fluoroscopy.