A beautiful female breast does not need to be a 4th or 5th size. Rather, it is an elastic, tight bust of neat form, unspoiled by stooped posture and unaesthetic stretch marks. However, not all ladies have given nature such a gift, but someone's chest has lost its tone and external attractiveness as a result of inevitable age changes. Is there a chance to correct this situation and restore its former beauty? Of course, and you do not need to sign up for fitness or buy a subscription to the gym. Exercises for the chest are very simple, they can be done at home at any convenient time. The main thing in this business is regularity and perseverance.

How to pump breast: a universal set of exercises for each day

Running on the spot and jumping - 5-10 minutes. Slopes - 10 times to the right, to the left and forward. Swing your hands - 10 times up and down. Circular rotation of the hands - 10 times in each direction. Cross arms in front of you- "scissors" - 20 times. Stretching in the sides, forward and back - 5 times.

  • Pushups from the wall, despite its lightness, it is very effective. They give a chance not only to enlarge the Breasts, but give it a beautiful shape. Starting position: stand near a wall and rested firmly in her hands. Leg set aside a little bit ago. Squeeze slowly and in the process slightly raised on tiptoe. Throughout the workout, do three sets of 10 repetitions.
  • Pushups

    Hands rest on the floor, hands and feet positioned slightly wider than shoulders. Stomach in, keep the back absolutely straight. Gently falls down, touch the chest floor and return to starting position. Performed three times at 20 times with a break between sets at least 5 minutes. For beginners, not having the proper sports training, the task will seem quite difficult. In this case, professional trainers recommend first to do push-UPS, leaning on his knees. When the body gets used to the training load can be increased.

    Dumbbells – best friends girl

    Strength training will quickly give the breast elasticity and attractiveness. But before you start training at home, you need to find the right equipment. Dumbbells will need to be treated with special attention. It is very important that they have an optimal weight, that is, they were neither too heavy nor too light. Test them right in the store before buying. Try to do some exercises and listen to your feelings. Absence of general discomfort and pleasant muscle tension will indicate that the weight is quite suitable for you. If you have to make significant efforts and feel the heaviness in your hands, it makes sense to buy a sports projectile a little easier.

    How to build chest with dumbbells

    To bring in a tonus of a muscle of a breast to women the very simple exercise - cultivation of dumbbells will help. To perform sitting on a chair with a strong back, bend our arms in the elbows and tightly press them to the sides. On the inhalation of the hand, we cultivate to the sides, on exhalation - we return to the starting position. Haste here is inappropriate and must be dealt with at a moderate pace. In one session, we make three sets of 15-20 repetitions.

    A set of exercises with dumbbells for chest at home

    The bench press will give the girls the opportunity to make the Breasts more elastic. Conveniently placed on the floor and bend your knees. Hands with dumbbells are widely bred in hand. Then slowly bring them in front of him, and then bred again and drop to the floor. During one workout do 3 repeat 10-15 times. This same exercise is allowed to perform standing up.

    Is it possible to pump breast expanders

    The expander not only strengthens the pectoral muscles, but also forms a noble, proud posture. For the beginning of the exercise, we rise absolutely exactly, take the simulator in hand and begin to slowly stretch it in front of you. Do not rush and do not "tear" the muscles. We repeat until the appearance of fatigue. Then we take a short break. Then we place the expander behind the back and apply an effort to stretch it. Repeat the movement from 5 to 10 times.

    We squat down, press the espander tape with our feet, and with the arms we take the edges. Very slowly we straighten our back and stand up. We do so from 5 to 10 times.

    A set of exercises with the chest expander for chest and beautiful posture, video

    Safety rules, or How to build the chest and not to harm yourself

    No matter how sharp the desire to make a bust attractive, some precautions still need to be observed.

    1. Try to exercise from time to time, but regularly. Conventional exercises can be performed daily, and strength training – 2-3 times a day.
    2. Between workouts with dumbbells should be at least one, and preferably two days. This is especially true of girls who are not accustomed to strenuous physical activity and active lifestyle.
    3. In any case do not ignore the warm up and always start with her training. This way you minimize the risk of sprains and other potential injuries.
    4. In the first two days of the monthly cycle, refrain from serious strength training and exercises aimed at pumping up the chest muscles.
    5. Don't expect instant results. Being engaged in Taekwondo for a week and did not find global changes, do not worry, and most importantly, don't drop the workout. To pump breast, girls need to spend 2-3 months. Only after this period that your bust will again become supple, fit and attractive.