A light blush on the cheeks is a classic sign of good health and well-being. But sometimes uncontrolled redness of the skin becomes a serious problem. The red face spoils the appearance, brings discomfort and gives rise to a lot of unnecessary complexes. What triggers the pathological mechanism and how to get rid of the redness on the face?

Why is the skin red?

Hyperemia (redness) leads to failure in the blood vessels: capillaries and arteries expand, a sharp flow of blood to the skin is observed, resulting in swelling, increasing in volume, becoming hypersensitive, becoming purple-red. After a while, the activity of the excess cells of cellular elements is completely restored, the skin covers turn pale. If such symptoms occur sporadically, there is no need for specific therapy. With regular persistent hyperemia it is recommended to consult a specialist to find out the cause - this will help to correct the situation and avoid possible complications.

Causes of redness of the skin

  • prolonged depression, stress
  • various emotional barriers
  • low self-esteem, shyness
  • mental stress, severe anxiety.
    • the influence of wind, high/low temperatures
    • reaction to the use of alcohol-containing beverages, hot/spicy food
    • hypersensitivity to cosmetics
    • long stay under the bright sunlight.
    • genetic predisposition, skin problem type (light)
    • uncontrolled reception of antibacterial preparations
    • minor injury to blood vessels/skin
    • age-related deformation of the structure of the vascular wall, causing the formation of the "red grid"
    • vegetative-vascular dystonia, leading to poor circulation and oxygen starvation of tissues.

    • diabetes mellitus, hypothyroidism
    • infection, gastritis with low acidity, constipation
    • allergic dermatoses. Redness of the face diagnosed with food allergies, the erythema multiforme exudative, also pollen allergies – causes redness around the eyes, lips, mouth
    • rosacea (acne rosacea). A chronic inflammatory disease that affects the skin.
  • Characterized by hot flashes, appearance of dilated capillaries, nodules, small pimples. The pathogenesis of rosacea lies abnormal reaction of blood vessels, progressing under the influence of antibodies, immune complexes, hormones, and other endogenous (internal) stimuli:

    • systemic lupus erythematosus. Severe autoimmune disease which causes inflammation in the tendons and joints. A typical symptom of lupus red spots on the face in the form of "butterflies" that occur on the cheeks and nose
    • carcinoid syndrome. The combination of symptoms that cause the hormones produced by the tumor into the bloodstream. The most frequent symptom of the syndrome – hot flashes (flushing of the neck and face) and a feeling of heat. Tides develop spontaneously or due to severe physical/emotional stress. Accompanied by a decrease in blood pressure, heart palpitations, loss of consciousness
    • demodicosis. The disease causes subcutaneous mite Demodex, which affects the face, ears, eyelids. Symptoms: itching, skin inflammation, the appearance of abundant acne, swelling/redness of the eyelids, loss of eyelashes/hair. Treatment of demodicosis is always complex, includes anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial and local therapy Clindamycin, Metronidazole.

    How to get rid of redness on face – hardware cosmetology

    Redness can be removed from the skin with the help of radical methods. Therapeutic cosmetics make it possible to carry out absolutely safe cleansing of the face, it makes it possible to work with sensitive and dry skin. Contraindications: oncology, herpes, arterial hypertension, pregnancy, heart disease, skin trauma.

    1. The ultrasonic cleaning. Effective, delicate, deep pore cleansing and skin from dead skin cells, grease, dirt. Under the influence of ultrasound increases the level of cellular metabolism, removes blackhead and acne, smooth fine wrinkles, leaving redness. The skin becomes fresh, young and healthy.
    2. Photocoagulation. Highly efficient and safe procedure based on the selective effect of the light pulse on the vessel. Preferred for rosacea, fine vascular network, for the state correction of the "red face". The standard treatment course is 3-4 sessions.
    3. Galvanization. The technology is based on the formation process of charged particles between the positive and negative electrodes, resulting in accelerated metabolism and improved cellular regeneration.

    How to get rid of redness on face – popular methods

    If there is no desire or money to visit the beauty salon, you can get rid of redness of the skin at home. There are a lot of effective recipes, the main thing is to choose the best and safest option.

    • oatmeal. Grind two big spoons of oats, pour hot water to form a slurry, to insist, to apply in the form of heat
    • cucumber-squash. Clean fresh zucchini and cucumber, grate, mix, apply in the form of heat
    • potato. Grate peeled potatoes, add a teaspoon of olive/vegetable oil
    • banana. Two big spoons of mashed banana mixed with a teaspoon of cream, add two tablespoons of grated cheese
    • egg. Mix the rice flour (two teaspoons) and beaten egg until a pasty consistency, apply in the form of heat
    • based on clay. Powder clay (white / green) pour warm water until the formation of gruel, apply a white agent on the face of clay, keep for 20-25 minutes, rinse with boiled water or infusion of parsley;
    • from the leaves of parsley. Rinse the parsley under running water, chop, pour boiling water, to insist 2-3 hours. Strain, daily use as a toner.
  • Ointment. The easiest way – to purchase pharmacy hormone ointment atopicdermatitis. After using the redness from the face descend quickly.
  • Exercises. Normalize blood pressure, remove redness from the skin, reduce the tension of the facial muscles: a massage of the cheeks is performed in a circular motion clockwise for 20-25 minutes daily.
  • If the cause of the redness of a person lies in the violations of the functioning of internal systems and organs, it is necessary to be examined by physicians, to take tests and undergo a course of treatment. Depending on the diagnosis, the doctor can prescribe hormonal or viral therapy, cleansing the gastrointestinal tract from toxins and toxins, and specialized treatment of system pathologies.

    How to get rid of redness on face – preventative measures:

    • try to avoid stressful situations, unnecessary emotions, nervous stress
    • to sign up for training on self-esteem, consult a therapist
    • to use special cosmetics that do not contain acetone, for heat and cold
    • to normalize daily diet: to include in the menu more vegetables and fruits, eliminate salty, fatty, spicy
    • it is possible to make a break in the medication
    • to quit or reduce the amount of cigarettes smoked
    • not to abuse alcoholic beverages, because alcohol as well as nicotine adversely affects the skin. Any alcoholic can see the characteristic features of the face
    • drink multivitamin complex.

    Redness on the skin is an unpleasant problem, but it can be successfully combated if you protect your face from ultraviolet light, use high-quality cosmetics and protective creams, completely reject hot masks and compresses, paraffin baths and aggressive scrubs. With strict adherence to the rules of prevention, the question "How to get rid of redness on the face?" Will lose its relevance and life will improve.