Most women of different ages during the months are concerned about unpleasant pain. One of the reasons for this discomfort is ignorance of what is allowed to be done during critical days and what is not. Many feel an acute need for sexual intercourse due to instability in the hormonal system. Experts recommend not to have sexual intercourse with a partner during menstruation: to relieve discomfort and satisfy the need for sex will help masturbation. The process not only relieves discomfort, but also helps to feel more relaxed.

Is it possible to masturbate during menstruation?

Many believe that masturbation during menstruation can adversely affect the condition of the body. This opinion is incorrect: while observing the elementary rules of hygiene, the process is absolutely safe and does not harm the female genitalia sensitive at this time. Each organism is individual, many women do not have a strong desire to have sex, but according to statistics, every third masturbate several times a week.

Many consider masturbation an unnatural process, but experts say that there is nothing dangerous and, moreover, shameful in it. This desire and desire for self-satisfaction is inherent in nature not only in man, but in many animals. According to numerous clinical studies, masturbation can calculate and have only a positive effect, including during periods, under certain rules. During this process, a huge number of hormones of happiness (endorphins) are produced, which during the menstrual cycle is a real panacea for pain and the price of depression.

Masturbation during menstruation

In critical days gynecologists do not forbid masturbating, but pay attention to the fact that during this period all the organs of the genitourinary system (internal and external) become more sensitive in comparison with the usual state. Therefore, before you start to satisfy your sexual needs, you need to take care of personal hygiene.

Especially cautious for masturbation in critical days is due to the high risk of penetration into the uterine cavity of various infections. It is not recommended to use all kinds of vibrators or other toys from the sex shop, it is enough to conduct the usual stimulation of the external genitalia. You can not masturbate, using saliva instead of grease (it can disrupt the natural microflora of the mucous membranes), since there is a high probability of getting a yeast infection.

Masturbation shower during menstruation

In the shower under the water, masturbating is also not prohibited. This is considered the most optimal option, in terms of hygiene, in critical days.

Note! It is not recommended to masturbate using a sanitary pad to avoid the likelihood of penetration into the uterus infection that causes serious complications.

In the shower it is impossible to direct a stream of water deep into the vagina, since the cervix is ​​widely open during the period: any infection can easily penetrate the cavity of the female organ. The optimal direction of the jet is from the top down the tangent line. It is better not to use any accessories and accessories for sex during menstruation.

Masturbation helps not only to have fun, but also to know your own body better. Doctors approve this way of sexual satisfaction, as it allows you to actively stimulate the work of the brain and the entire body as a whole. Sexologists believe that you can not masturbate too often (even after the end of menstruation). This is due to the fact that a woman gradually loses sexual attraction to the opposite sex, because she herself is able to please herself.