Symptoms of the swine flu 2016

On the second and third days with swine flu, the head starts to ache in the forehead area. Do not open your eyes wide - a sharp pain begins. Also, the patient may have shortness of breath (more often - in the elderly) and difficulty breathing (when you can not take a deep breath).

Signs of swine flu in an adult

All signs of this type of influenza include symptoms of its usual form plus there are distinctive features of the disease. In adults, the swine flu of 2016 is characterized by the following symptoms:

  • High (up to 40 degrees) temperature (observed far from all patients)
  • Chills and weakness
  • Diarrhea, vomiting
  • Stuffy nose and dry cough (may appear on the second or third day)
  • Body aches and pains
  • Photophobia, pain with wide opening of the eyes
  • Nose bleed
  • Dyspnea
  • Chest pain
  • Irritability and severe fatigue

If you find yourself in these signs, try to stay at home as long as possible until a complete cure.

Important: Despite the fact that swine flu in Russia has gained significant momentum, doctors are urging not to panic, but to take advantage of available means of prevention.

Signs of swine flu in the child

Treatment of swine flu

During treatment, spend more time at home and observe bed rest, since it is very dangerous for life to carry this disease on your feet. Be sure to consult a doctor so that he writes out all the necessary medicines. At home, eat herbal tea with lemon and ginger and drink more water.

Than to treat a swine flu (medicine)

In no case can not be treated using antibiotics. First of all, buy antiviral medicines in the pharmacy: Tamiflu and Zanamivir. These drugs act on the virus itself. In addition, you need to use "Ingavirin", as well as expectorant and antipyretic ("Paracetamol") tablets. From a cold will help "Nazivin", and from a cough: "Sinekod." Antibiotics should be prescribed by a doctor and only in case of complications in the form of pneumonia.

Try not to be treated yourself, as such treatment can lead to serious consequences. Folk remedies for swine flu are highly undesirable.

Prevention of swine flu: drugs

Prevention includes the following methods of protection:

  • Use oxolinic or viferon ointment. Since most often the influenza virus enters the body through the nasal mucosa, it is useful to treat the nose with a protective ointment.
  • Frequently wash with soap and water. Especially if you have to use public transport every day or visit various places where people often come.
  • Eat oranges, lemon, ginger, garlic and onions. Thus, you will increase your immunity.
  • Daily aired rooms, once a week, do a wet cleaning.

Follow the advice that we have prepared for you in this article, and then you can easily overcome the swine flu 2016. Be healthy!