The swine flu of 2016 in Russia runs the risk of escalating into a real epidemic. In a month, hundreds of people with this virus were registered in the country. Unfortunately, there are also cases with lethal outcomes caused by complications of swine flu. The situation worsens also by the fact that many of our compatriots prefer to engage in self-medication instead of in time to contact the medical institutions for help. As a result, serious complications in the diseased and an unknown size of the incidence rate, which in turn only aggravates the situation. About methods of prophylaxis and ways of treatment of a virus of a swine flu and there will be a speech further.

Swine flu 2016: Symptoms (key symptoms)

To effectively resist any disease you need to know it "in person." In other words, it is important to have knowledge about the symptoms and course of the disease, and conduct appropriate tests that can confirm or disprove the alleged diagnosis. In the case of the swine flu virus, its diagnosis is complicated by the fact that it does not differ from any other catarrhal disease by its appearance. Confirm the presence in the blood of a patient with a virus with the H1N1 stamp (swine flu) can only a special analysis of the mucous contents of the nose, which, unfortunately, is not available in every hospital.

Signs of swine flu in an adult (symptoms)

Nevertheless, given the current situation, to sound an alarm and seek medical help you need to find any of the following symptoms:

  • high body temperature
  • weakness, dizziness, pallor
  • nausea, vomiting and diarrhea
  • dry cough
  • pain in the throat, chest and joints (aching)
  • increased lacrimation, photophobia
  • runny nose and nasal congestion, shortness of breath
  • exacerbation of chronic diseases

Signs of swine flu in a child (symptoms)

In children of different ages swine flu 2016 occurs with about the same symptoms as in adults. Also children may experience drowsiness, apathy, mood swings, rapid deterioration of health. For example, the morning may begin as mild malaise, which in the evening turns into high temperature and a sore throat. Such a rapid development of this viral disease in children due to before the end of nesformirovannost immunity.

Swine flu: Treatment

Unfortunately, the medicine for swine flu 2016 has not yet been found. But the H1N1 virus is quite effectively treated with traditional antiviral drugs. In addition, the immunodeficiency virus that has been infected with this one develops immunity, which, with the appropriate measures of safety and quarantine, significantly reduces the risk of the epidemic.

It is also important to note that the most effective treatment of swine flu shows itself in the first few days after the onset of symptoms. That is why it is so important to seek medical help immediately after the onset of the illness.

How to treat swine flu (the cure)

In the cases when cases can not because of objective reasons, will instantly go to the doctor, he may start taking antiviral drugs independently, for example, "Tamiflu" or "Alferon". Then you should go to relief of symptoms. Thus, the high temperature need to bring down the medication based on paracetamol, for example, "So" or "Ibuprofen". In any case can not be taken antipyretic drugs on aspirin — they can cause complications. It is also important to wash the nose with saline solution and gargle.

Swine flu: Prevention (drugs and techniques)

Speaking about prevention, it is very important:

  • always wash your hands with soap after visiting public places
  • at least once a day to do wet cleaning, wipe the dust, ventilate
  • to avoid large concentrations of people
  • use oxolinic ointment and similar drugs
  • to isolate the sick from other family members, to contact him, wearing a mask
  • to maintain the body vitamin complexes and natural products with antiviral effect (garlic, onions, honey, lemon)
  • do not touch the face with dirty hands

Swine flu 2016 is successfully treated with timely access to medical care, so do not give the virus any chance!