One of the main manifestations of cold is cough. This is an unpleasant painful process in the lungs, which is caused by different types of viral infections. If you do not start treatment on time, complications can be very serious. One of the dangerous forms of the disease is bronchitis, pneumonia. More complicated forms that are capable of paralyzing the functioning of the whole organism are tuberculosis, asthma. Therefore, as soon as a cough appeared, urgent measures must be taken.

How to calm a strong cough?

Initially, you need to determine what kind of coughing you are worried about. Dry cough is not accompanied by secretion of phlegm in the mouth and throat. It comes out of the lungs and is accompanied by painful sensations, a sore throat. Appears mainly on the first day of a viral illness. Dry form of cough should be prevented immediately, so that it does not go to wet. To do this, it is recommended to drink special soothing syrups marked "for a dry cough."

If the coughing without stopping with sputum has begun, the main goal should be to remove unpleasant sputum from the bronchi. It is easy to do at home using the following drugs:

  • mucolytic action
  • expectorant action.

For a noticeable result, treatment should be comprehensive. It is necessary to drink syrup, gargle, rub the thorax and back with warming ointments, observe bed rest, do not overcool.

How to calm an attack of cough in adult?

If the night had a heavy fit of coughing, it is important to know an adult and a child a few effective medicines traditional medicine:

  1. A decoction of herbs. Used as inhalation, can also be used as a tea. Cooking easy and quick: pour boiling water available in the house of herbs: mother and stepmother, chamomile, calendula, plantain. To prepare tea leaves – 2 tsp per 250 ml of water. For inhalation – 2 tablespoons to 0.5 liters of boiling water (to breathe into the decoction of 15 minutes). Waking up in the morning to continue the application procedures.
  2. Tea with viburnum. Fruits of viburnum mix with honey and pour boiling water. Drink the tea warm.
  3. Effective will be rubbing in the chest area. For this use the fat of goose or badger. The last badger fat can be purchased at the pharmacy. The smell will become more pleasant if fat add a little essential oil.

If no remedy has helped, you should turn to medication.

How to quickly soothe coughing in a child?

If the child is awakened by an obsessive attack of a cough, do not panic. Otherwise, the baby will start to worry and it will be more difficult for him to cope with the attack.

  1. Try to drink a little herbal tea with honey, and give him warm milk. As welding can be used inflorescences of chamomile. It will help to remove spasms in the lungs and reduce expectoration. Other charges apply with caution – only if they have notes that they can be children and pregnant women, because single herbs can have a strong effect on the child's stomach.
  2. Lemon and honey also has a positive impact on children's bronchial tubes, removing bronchial cough. If pure child doesn't want to take the lemon, make a warm cocktail by mixing in warm water with a few teaspoons of lemon juice and honey. Best suited dark honey, especially from the nectar of buckwheat.
  3. An effective way would be to use a warming ointment with menthol components. You should spread the chest and wrap your child in a warm blanket. Proved that massage the chest and back helps to reduce spasms.
  4. Have a steam bath in the bathroom. In the water, add a few drops of essential oils (can not be used at a temperature!).

Medicines, soothing cough in children

If traditional remedies don't help, you need to resort to medication. It is important to remember to give they need to be dosed and prior to use read instructions. Generic medications are the following:

  • Syrup "Gerbion" for children
  • Sinecod;
  • Tusupreks
  • Glaucine.

The last three drugs belong to the non-narcotic group, they are dispensed without a prescription in any pharmacy. And nevertheless to be treated itself and to treat the child it is necessary, following prescriptions of the doctor. Self-medication is a dangerous way to health.

Cough during pregnancy can not be left in any case. A pregnant woman should know that cough is a consequence of some kind of disease and in that case you should definitely consult a doctor, rather than drink a handful of pills.