The skin of the small labia in women can have a different color: brown, pink, close to red or corpulent. Darkening, or pigmentation spots, creates a rather unpleasant impression, resembling "dirty skin". The color change can be caused by various reasons, but in any case it is not difficult to struggle with this, using the means for "whitening" the intimate zone.

The cause of unusual skin pigmentation on the genitals and clitoris

Pigmentation of the skin on the genital organs is explained by many factors, including natural ones. Among them are the following:

  • Individual feature of the body.
  • Sudden hormonal changes.
  • Minor injuries from underwear.
  • High friction part of the thigh due to excessive body weight.
  • Natural changes that occur with age.

Darkening of the skin of the labia has a scientific name - dyschromia, this phenomenon causes certain inconveniences in women. Dark spots can result from prolonged use of medications, after a severe illness or severe trauma, and as a result of inflammation.

In the body of a woman with a genetic predisposition to the formation of spots in the vaginal area, melanogenesis is enhanced. In addition, the appearance of pigmentation can also lead to irradiation with ultraviolet rays, the reception of contraceptives of a combined type or the period of pregnancy, as the harmonic background changes

Why labia women blue?

If there are no deviations in the girl's state of health, the blue lips are not a dangerous phenomenon, since the color of the intimate zone is individual and varies from dark brown to light pink. There are cases when the color of the perineum changes to blue during puberty.

The darkening may be associated with aggressive sexual behavior or frequent sexual contacts, causing the friction bodies.

By the age of 40, in the female body, estrogen is beginning to be actively produced, which directly affects the change in the color of the intimate zone, primarily to saturation.

Possible causes of darkening of the labia minora

Darkened labia can talk not only about changes associated with age, or frequent sex, but also about more serious problems.

  1. Varicose veins caused by varicose veins. Most often, the congestion appears during pregnancy, but after birth the problem disappears. More prone to the unpleasant phenomenon of women who give birth to two or more children.
  2. Trauma to the vagina, accompanied not only by the appearance of dark spots on the perineum, but also a strong swelling of the genitals and pain.
  3. Pregnancy is a period of 10 weeks. Some moms immediately turn to the gynecologist, seeing a frightening purple-blue color. Experts believe this is a normal phenomenon, because in the pregnant woman's body increases the circulation process.
  4. Inflammatory process, affecting the increase in the size of the labia. The girl may notice small ulcers on the skin surface and a sticky discharge.

Darkening can be associated with a large number of ingrown hairs that appear after shaving the "bikini zone".

How to deal with the darkening of the labia?

It is not recommended to carry out the procedure of clarifying the intimate zone without consulting a dermatologist. Appeal to a specialist is necessary, as only he can exclude all possible dangerous diseases, the symptom of which can be darkened labia.

Among all the known clarifying agents there are preparations with strong and quick action from the darkening of the lips that can cause dermatitis or allergy, and are milder and safer for health.

It should be taken into account that hyperpigmentation is an intensified production of a special pigment called melanin, therefore protection from UV radiation is required when performing bleaching. Means of well-known cosmetic brands with photo filters for this purpose will not work, you need to choose special creams that are sold in pharmacies or specialized sex shops.

In most cases, peeling is used for clarification, the choice of which directly depends on the degree of the development of pigmented spots. The modern version is a combination of citric acid, as well as lactic and glycolic - hydroxy acids. In any case, an effective and safe remedy can be advised only by a cosmetologist doctor, based on the individual characteristics of each woman.