With the pulling pains in the lower abdomen, every woman is familiar. When they occur before the monthly and in the first days of the cycle, this is considered the norm. But sometimes these symptoms also worry after menstruation. Experts argue that they can testify to violations occurring in the body of a woman. In addition, other symptoms, such as migraines, dizziness, nausea and white discharge, are often manifested. In case of occurrence of similar signs it is necessary to address to the gynecologist.

Pull the lower abdomen: causes

The main reasons for this discomfort are:

  • mechanical injuries;
  • delay, negative test
  • pregnancy test positive
  • inflammatory processes;
  • infection;
  • intense sexual intercourse
  • reception of hormonal means;
  • appendicitis
  • various diseases of the reproductive system (yeast infections, etc.).

To understand why these feelings appeared, only a doctor can, so do not postpone the visit to the hospital.

Nagging pain as in menstruation is a sign of development of the disease

If such manifestations of the organism accompany the woman, and until the months are far away, this may be a symptom of the inflammatory processes that occur in the ovaries or uterus. In this case there is a soreness of a noisy character, often it gives back.

Note! Pain of low intensity is characteristic for the initial stage of inflammation. With the development of the disease, they become stronger, also a fever.

Painful manifestations of the pulling nature can be caused by infections that affect the urinary tract. In this case, you often want to go to the toilet.

When hormonal disorders girls often experience discomfort similar manifestations during menstruation.

When the monthly and prostaglandins begin (hormones that help reduce the uterus) are produced in large numbers, there are painful manifestations. Mostly they worry after menstruation.

With hormonal failures, symptoms such as nausea, dizziness, headache, insomnia, cold sweats, weight changes, and others can add to the pain. This imbalance often appears in cases of abnormalities in the thyroid gland and the intake of hormonal drugs.

Appendicitis often causes symptoms that are similar to sensations before menstruation. In this case, they are often disturbed on the right side, but can give back or the left ovary.

Why pull the lower abdomen and there was a white discharge?

Ovulation often disturbs such feelings. They are usually accompanied by white secretions. Often there are other symptoms: hardening of the nipples, increased sexual desire. If the cause of such manifestations is ovulation, this is considered the norm. Many women ovulation occurs on the 14-16 day from the beginning of the menstrual cycle.

It is important to know! If such a symptomatology is observed throughout the menstrual cycle, this is an occasion to turn to a gynecologist.

Why pull the lower abdomen during pregnancy?

According to women, in the first days of pregnancy or 1-2 weeks, many feel the pulling sensation in the uterus. Other signs also appear when pregnancy, such as increased irritability, swelling of nipples, nausea. Usually these symptoms disappear after the egg is fixed in the uterine cavity. In such a period in the early periods (1 week or more) there may be brown masticious discharge.

As a result of stretching the muscles of the uterus, discomfort may appear and later in pregnancy. If they continue for a long time, they become stronger, it is necessary to turn to a gynecologist, since the threat of miscarriage is not ruled out. In the second and third trimester, these symptoms may indicate an increased tone of the uterus.

Such manifestations are also characteristic of ectopic pregnancy.

The reasons why a woman pulls the lower abdomen, a lot. They can be harmless or a serious cause for concern. Some girls complain of pain after intense sex or setting a spiral. Anyway, you need to visit a gynecologist in time to prevent the development of the disease and the appearance of complications.