Many women after the birth of a child may notice that they do not get enough pleasure from sex. Do not make hasty conclusions. You can hear the opinion that just does not fit the sexual partner, but often it is not. Recently appeared an interesting direction - vumbilding. With the help of it you can train the muscles of the small pelvis, while increasing your sensitivity and sexuality.

Ways to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles and uterus

Women begin to look for ways to strengthen the muscles of the small pelvis, not only when they get little pleasure from sex. More serious problems can lead to seeking information of this kind:

  • there is difficulty in emptying the bladder;
  • the prolapse or loss
  • during a cough or sneeze involuntarily derives a small portion of urine
  • there is a constant pressure in this part of the body.

In addition to general recommendations, such as smoking cessation and weight loss, as well as squats, lunges and stuff, you can use Kegel exercises.

You can train in this way no matter where you are - this is a huge plus. Improvement after training should be felt after six weeks of their regular execution. After birth, this process can take about three months.

Strengthened muscles of the pelvic floor increase blood circulation, thereby improving sensations during intercourse.

How to train the muscles of the vagina?

Many women perform the exercise incorrectly, straining the inside of the thighs. To understand how to train productively, you can during urination, when you try to suspend the process, and then resume it.

For a full exercise you need to lie on your back, while bending your knees, and try to relax the whole body. Then tighten the vagina so that you can fully experience what exactly you need to tap into. If this caused a problem, insert a finger lubricated with a lubricant approximately to a depth of two centimeters - try to squeeze.

After it became clear the principle of consolidation, during one training session, you need to reduce muscle 50 times with a delay of ten seconds at each voltage. You can also use a variety of tools, for example, a ball.

Training apparatus for muscles of the vagina

All simulators operate on the same principle, which is aimed at strengthening the diaphragm of the pelvis, as well as the vagina.

Different firms offer a variety of options:

  • balls of silicone separately
  • two balls, one enclosed in a silicone shell
  • medical digital perineometer – pneumatic exerciser
  • sets of cones of different diameters.

Pneumatic simulator is the prototype of the Kegel simulator, only it still has the ability to control the force of compression and their number with the help of the dial.

Trainer for muscle Kegel – how to use?

The device itself is a ball to which a thread is attached to control the depth. It can be either round or oval.

Important! Not without the supervision of an instructor and specialist appointments use of cargo equipment and pneumatic. You can train only those devices, the instructions which indicate that they are recommended for self-use.

Insert pre-boiled or treated with preservative training device (ball pins) by about two centimeters. The cord must remain outside.

Begin to hold the ball for two seconds, then increase each squeeze for another two seconds. So go to ten seconds.

Remember that the voltage time when using the Kegel ball should be equal to the relaxation time.

It is important to be engaged in your body and be able to fully control all processes. If you do not get it by yourself, there are a lot of special devices with which you can strengthen the vagina. It is also advisable to do gymnastics or yoga - this will allow you to feel better.