Karkade tea during pregnancy

Royal, red, refreshing - it's about a drink that was in high demand even in ancient Egypt. Karkade - a special kind of plant "hibiscus". Often people under karkade and hibiscus mean the same thing. Drink it both in hot and cold, with the addition of sugar or honey. Delicious, with a pleasant sourness and a barely perceptible pungent note, he fell in love with women in position. They noticed that the plant perfectly saves from toxicosis and gives vivacity. But is it not harmful to drink while pregnant? Are there any contraindications?

The drink from the petals of the flower is famous for its high content of useful microelements and vitamins. Everyone who drinks at least one glass of such tea a day, celebrates a surge of vivacity and vitality. And pregnancy is a period when women are very sensitive to their diet and choose only the best products.

  • High content of vitamin C.
  • The ability to give the body tone.
  • A large number of amino acids and flavonoids.
  • Positive effect on the gastrointestinal tract.
  • Easy property to weaken.

And it helps to reduce swelling, remove excess fluid from the body, reduce blood pressure and improve overall well-being. A big plus of the drink - it does not contain caffeine and tannin, because of which obstetrician-gynecologists strongly recommend that future moms limit the use of black tea and coffee. So, from edemas the drink is ideal.

Can I drink karkade tea during pregnancy?

Despite the obvious useful properties, this question is periodically asked by all women who are expecting babies. "Yes", - gynecologists permit obstetricians, - "but only if in moderation".

Unlike many herbal teas, doctors allow the use of a drink from the flowers of a rose. It is proved that this drink saves the pregnant organism from toxicosis at early stages, and in the late, in the last trimester it acts very favorably as a prophylaxis for increasing blood pressure (it is well known that high blood pressure provokes the onset of gestosis, which can cause interruption of pregnancy). The drink acts as a natural antioxidant and helps to rapidly excrete the future mother's body decay products to promote the purification and renewal of blood.

Hibiscus during pregnancy: recommendations for use

Pregnancy is not an excuse to give up hibiscus (aka - hibiscus), especially since doctors give a positive answer, but remind you about the need to use it at the right time and be cautious with the amount. Drinking is sour, so it is better to drink it in the morning hours: it will give tone, vivacity and fill with energy. In addition, the royal rose contains calcium, which helps the formation of strong and healthy fetal bone tissue. Very often pregnant women are prescribed iron, which the pregnant organism "devours" in large quantities. Everyone who drinks just one glass of red tea a day can boast of excellent indicators of iron in the blood.

If you decide to drink tea before going to bed, be sure to brush your teeth. Hibiscus contains a large amount of vitamin C, which can spoil the tooth enamel. Pregnancy is the period when the tooth enamel is the most sensitive. Easy tooth cleaning in this case and excellent hygiene, and salvation from the damaging effects of vitamin C.

To drink a royal drink immediately after a meal is impossible, it can interfere with the assimilation of food. But after half an hour, with a slice of refined sugar, sesame halva or a slice of marmalade - a drink from hibiscus will be very handy. So he will quickly suck in the blood and bring out toxins and toxins.

When buying tea, pay attention to the petals of the flowers: they must have a beautiful, uniform color. A brownish shade indicates the expiration date and it is better not to buy such a drink.

Contraindication for the pharaohs' favorite drink is an individual intolerance that can manifest itself by any untypical reactions to the body: diarrhea, rashes, red spots and so on. Pregnancy is an occasion to be especially vigilant. Have noticed wrong - pause at least before consulting with the doctor.

Price karkade fluctuates in the area of ​​270-300 rubles (source: forum moms).