To keep your cat lived a long and happy life, she needs proper care. And little kittens and old cats need special care. because the kittens body is weak and old cats already. How to properly care for an older cat?

Old age in cats starts around ten years. Of course, for each cat the age of the onset of old age is individual, much depends on the state of its health. But the approach of old age can be noticed by external signs. In old age, the cat becomes less mobile, sleeps longer. Her eyes and hearing deteriorate (she begins to react worse to movement and external stimuli, does not immediately respond if you call her by name).

How easy a cat will take your old age? It depends on how was her youth. If the cat is well fed, led an active lifestyle, a little sick, the old age period will be relatively easy for her. But even perfectly healthy cats are age-related changes in the body, so absolutely all the old cats need special care and attention.

You should begin with change of diet. Old cats tend to eat less than young, so the amount of food need to be reduced a little, to avoid obesity. Reduce the amount of fatty foods in the diet. If you feed cat food, you can buy a special food designed for older Pets. But if she is used to natural foods, food needs carefully grind: old cats often suffer from dental problems. The cat should always have access to fresh drinking water.

Older cats also need additional vitamins. If your pet refuses to take them in their pure form, try adding vitamins to food or water. But it is not worth it to give free vitamins, it is better to consult a veterinarian: hypervitaminosis can be as dangerous as beriberi.

Older cats are generally sedentary: they prefer to lie in a relaxed and warm corners. Of course, you can't expect an old cat to its former activity. But you must ensure that it is a little moved. hypodynamia threatens with muscle problems and obesity. Therefore, the cat must be played daily.

Old cats are more prone to diseases and often suffer from several diseases in the complex. Typical ailments — incontinence, diarrhea, constipation. Sometimes their reason — the aging process, but they can also be associated with diabetes or kidney disease. So you need to show the cat to the vet, he will determine the cause and prescribe appropriate treatment.

Should show the cat to the vet if she has bad breath, and generally with any suspicious symptoms. And even if the cat is healthy, every 3-4 months you need to take her to the vet for a routine inspection .

Old cat pour myself less than before, so their hair faster rolls. So cat every day to comb out, even if it is short-haired. If the wool is not very long, you can simply massage the cat with a special mitten in the direction from the head to the tail. When combing or massaging a cat, be sure to touch it for tumors. old cats are more susceptible to oncological diseases than young cats.

In old age, cats are stronger than freeze. so the litter of your cat should be shifted closer to the battery. If the summer is in the yard, and the cat is still cold, you can put her a heating pad. You can put on a cat a special cuff, if it does not hamper her too much.

The old cat may become unsociable and irritable. start to meow at night to attract your attention. They can feel insecure in the presence of more young and aggressive cats be jealous if you get home a new kitten. Take this tolerant: they behave not because they want to annoy you.

Even if your older cat is feeling fine and acting the same, she still needs increased care and attention. Try to spend more time with her, pet your cat, talk with her gentle voice. If she did something wrong, do not scold her hard. For example, old cats often go to the toilet past the tray, not out of harm, but simply because they do not have time to reach. Do not punish them for this.

Caring for an older cat can be difficult, but she has for many years been a friend and even family member. So be patient and give your cat genuine concern — we're pretty sure she deserved it.