Palpitation of the fetus is the main indicator of its viability and development. From the heartbeat of the fetus, one can understand whether the pregnancy is good. Normally, the number of strokes for a future child should be between 110 and 200 per minute.

How to hear the fetal heartbeat at home?

When the child first starts to move, you can hear a heartbeat. Usually at home it is done with a special device, however, you can do without it. To do this, you will have to ask someone to put an ear to the stomach to hear the knock of the heart of the future baby.

Why should you listen to the fruit? In order to make sure its viability. If the number of strokes is normal, then there is nothing to worry about. But if they are not heard or they are weak, then, perhaps, something went wrong. In this case, you should immediately consult a doctor to make sure that everything is in order with the baby.

A device for listening to fetal heartbeat at home

Nowadays, there are various adaptations for mothers, and one of these is fetal doppler. It allows you to check the heart at home, starting from the 12th week. It is in pharmacies and online stores, so with the acquisition there will be no difficulties.

Such devices are of different types. Simple allow a woman to just listen, wearing headphones. And more functional also count the frequency independently.

Apply doppler to the bottom of the abdomen. Kid at 9-10 weeks, 12-14 weeks is low, so you need to look for the heart there. Over time, the fetus will move higher, directly to the center of the abdomen.

Usually, there is no problem with the search for a heart. It can be distinguished from its own, paying attention to the number of strokes. They should be about twice as large as that of the mother. By the way, Doppler allows not only to hear the baby, but also to write to the computer. Many moms like this function, since the recording will then remind you of an amazing time.

It is important to remember that it is not always possible to find a heartbeat. To panic in this case it is not necessary, as sometimes it is impossible to listen to blows because of a dense fat layer on a stomach. In addition, the child is constantly changing the location, and can turn so that it will be difficult to hear. However, for your peace of mind it's better to make an appointment with a doctor.

Stethoscope for listening to fetal heart

The most common and affordable device for listening to beating at home is a stethoscope. The device is in almost every house, and if necessary it can be found in the pharmacy. However, this device has more minuses than pluses. It will be inconvenient to use his woman, as this will require outside help. In addition, it will be necessary to search for certain points in which ripple will be heard, rather than extraneous noise.

If a person does not have experience in this matter, it will not be easy for him to count the number of strokes at home and determine their strength. The stethoscope allows you to determine the strokes, starting at 19, 20, 27 weeks of pregnancy. Before that they are too weak, and the device does not catch them.

It is recommended to take a supine position and allow another person to use a stethoscope. Devices will have to lead over the stomach to find a ripple. Then with the help of a stethoscope you can count the number of strokes. If this is not possible at home, then you need to see a doctor.

Of course, the mother needs to monitor the condition of the fetus heart to know if the child has a disease and whether there is a frozen pregnancy. And for this it is still better to choose a professional device that will be easy to use and accurate.