In most cases, you want to scratch your throat for diseases such as acute respiratory viral infection, as well as allergic reactions. Because of this, there is a high probability of a seizure-like cough that may interfere with normal functioning. When the first symptoms appear, you should consult a specialist. Rapid improvement of the condition will ensure a quick withdrawal of the symptom.

The tickle in my throat and want to cough – causes

When the perspiration in the throat causes tickling sensations, and it seems that there are worms, there is a cough reflex, until vomiting. It is a protective reaction of the body to irritants of the external environment, which is often the first symptom of colds.

Occurs for various reasons:

  • inflammation of the mucous membrane of the laryngitis, pharyngitis (more often in children)
  • bronchitis, tracheitis
  • air pollution and the presence of impurities harmful substances
  • pneumonia of bacterial origin
  • thyroid disease (benign and malignant tumors)
  • various diseases of the nasopharynx with the abundant secretion of fluid (mucus).
  • during pregnancy

In order for the treatment to be effective, it is necessary to be examined by a doctor. In the case of an unproductive cough, a specialist will prescribe a course of treatment that will be based on taking antitussive drugs.

How to calm a tickle in my throat?

Than to treat? As a rule, with calming of the perspiration in the throat problems do not arise - it is enough only to create conditions that facilitate the condition.

Coughing the man with no selection phlegm, but always present tickling sensations must:

  • humidify the environment
  • reduce the temperature of the room (the most comfortable temperature for the body is 22 degrees);
  • regularly ventilate the room and make wet cleaning (remove dust)
  • ingest plenty of fluids (preferably warm) – teas, infusions and decoctions of herbs, with honey and lemon.

Sore throat with cough – treatment

When perforation in the nasopharynx causes unpleasant tickling sensations and a cough reflex appears or you want to scratch the mucous membrane, you can alleviate the condition by rinsing. It is superfluous to resorption of lozenges and lozenges.

You can use oil drops in your nose. Oils have an enveloping and moisturizing effect, preventing drying.

With a cold, when there is a pronounced cough reflex with subsequent irritation of the mucous membrane of the nasopharynx, it is desirable to reduce the use of vasoconstrictive drops in the nose (they overdry).

When dries up the mucous membrane, it may be covered with crusts, which form microcracks and scratches. This explains the desire to scratch his nose.

With a thyroid gland, this symptom also arises. He will be present until the main cause of his appearance is removed - the tumor in the thyroid gland. Then the specialist will recommend the appropriate treatment methods for the disease.

Often, with a common cold, we do not pay attention to various symptoms, such as cough with phlegm. They can develop and, if there is no adequate separation of sputum, the mucous membrane becomes irritated and a swelling occurs in the throat. Therefore, it is recommended to take funds that accompany liquefaction and further sputum discharge.

With a dry cough, smokers are advised to temporarily abandon their addiction. It must be remembered that the smoke has a high temperature, so the shell is overdried even more, so that the irritation increases.