Currently being healthy and looking young is becoming fashionable. More trustworthy leaders, talking about the Health of the Nation, being on a ski slope or tightening on his belt judoka than those raised at the Banquet table with a glass of wine "For health ...".

For thousands of years magicians and alchemists tried to find the "elixir of eternal youth". Centuries passed, in every age offered their recipes rejuvenation, but they usually didn't stand the test of time. If you look today in our "storehouse of knowledge" — the Internet and type the phrase "modern methods of rejuvenation", you can see a listing of either the old ways of improvement (enemas and other methods of purification, antioxidants, coenzyme Q10, etc.) or new "techniques" that give rise to the obvious question, if not more (the energy of physical vacuum, transfer factor, methods of rejuvenation of the body during sleep, etc.).

For questions on this topic met the chief doctor of the clinic Plaza. Cand. med. Sciences Rassokhin Alexander.

Alexander, perhaps or not true rejuvenation? And that this term should be understood?

Under a true rejuvenation you should understand the return process of the aging body are signs of youth. These include: improving the function of various organs (liver, kidneys, etc.), increased visual acuity, hearing, resorption of excess fibrous connective tissue in parenchymatous organs, increase physical, mental and sexual activity, and external rejuvenation.

Among the methods of therapy aimed at self renewal of the body and its true rejuvenation, we can distinguish two types: stem cell therapy and placental therapy. Currently the use of stem cells should be treated with great caution because of the unpredictability of side effects.

Placental therapy is only one of methods of rejuvenation that has stood the test of time. More than two thousand years, it is used for this purpose – from the era of Queen Cleopatra of Egypt to the present day.

Due to some properties of the placental therapy can cause true rejuvenation?

– The ability of the placenta to cause a rejuvenating effect due to its unique composition. It contains a lot of antioxidants: vitamins (C, E, A, etc.), enzymes (co-enzyme Q10, etc.), trace elements (zinc, selenium, etc.). The placenta is 11 growth factors, stimulating the renewal of cellular elements in all organs and tissues. It is determined about 4,000 useful proteins that perform many functions. Following placental tissue promotes the process of self-renewal and self-healing Placenta to exist, to build a new young body. It is genetically tuned to the stimulation of self-renewal processes and approximation function to the state youth. To own a woman's body during pregnancy is not formed nothing new for the growing child, while the placenta produces all the substances necessary to create new life.

What types of placental therapy exist and some of them should be given preference in relation to the effect of true rejuvenation?

All types of placenta therapy can be divided into three large groups:

  1. The placental medicines
  2. Placental cosmetics
  3. Implantation (grafting) of tissue of the placenta according to the method of Akademika V. P. Filatov.

The most effective method in relation to the effect of true rejuvenation should be considered as implantation of the placenta, as in the patient here receives all components of placental tissue, while in the first 2 groups only uses the extract of placenta.

Tell me more about implantation of the placenta.

– Implantation (grafting) of tissue of the placenta according to the method of Acad. Filatov has been used for 80 years and used by tens of thousands of patients. The essence of the method lies in the fact that under the patient's skin with a syringe administered approximately 2 g of autoclaved and pre-cryopreserved placental tissue. Fabric inserted slowly absorbed (approximately throughout the month) and has a rejuvenating effect on the body of the patient.

Implantation of the placenta at the V. P. Filatov features also large latitude of action, a smoother and a softer effect than other methods of placental therapy, and the possibility of long-term continuous use (for many years).

What rejuvenating effects can be observed when using placental implantation?

– The rejuvenating effect of the implantation of the placenta has symptoms — improve the structure and color of the skin, nails

Are there any contraindications for implantation of the placenta?

– This type of therapy has virtually no contraindications. Experimental studies have established the practical harmlessness of placental therapy, the lack of adverse effects on the fetus, its oncologic safety. Placental therapy does not cause allergies, addiction, has a cumulative effect. It does not reduce, but rather increases the antitoxic function of the liver.

What effect on the body has the implantation of the placenta?

– On a large clinical and laboratory material numerous studies have shown the following therapeutic effects of placental tissue therapy:

  1. Immunomodulatory effect
  2. Powerful hepatoprotective action
  3. Restorative and trophic effects
  4. Psychosedative action;
  5. Reducing the risk of cancer
  6. Improving sexual and fertile activity.
  7. Normalization of calcium metabolism
  8. Improved metabolism
  9. Analgesic effect.

Such a multilateral positive effect of the implantation of the placenta on virtually all the functions of the human body gives the possibility to apply it in the treatment of various illnesses.

What diseasescan be treated with this technique?

– The healing power of the placenta is widely used. There are diseases in which treatment only helps the implantation of the placenta and other inefficient methods of conservative treatment – Meniere's syndrome, Dupuytren's contracture, obliterating endarteritis, etc. are Particularly effective infusion of the placenta in skin diseases (psoriasis, lupus erythematosus, etc.), pathology of the nervous system (depression, stress, neurasthenia), asthma, allergies, pathological menopause in women and many other pathological conditions.