Funny cute kittens always please their owners with games. But do not forget that a young animal can sometimes have health problems. It happens that the kitten refuses food or does not go to the toilet. Observing the behavior of the kitten, the owners should notice any deviations in the normal livelihoods of their pets. The country of the Soviets will tell why it might appearconstipation in the kitten.

Cats are rarely affected by this disease as constipation. Their digestive system functions very well. And if you observe constipation in a kitten, you must definitely pay attention to his food. After all, most often the inappropriate food becomes the cause of this unpleasant condition for the kitten.

Don't worry if your kitten goes to the toilet for a whole day. The absence of defecation for one day is not a symptom. Constipation is the absence of a chair for two days.

But not onlyimproper unbalanced eating  can cause constipation in the kitten. Bowel obstruction can also cause other causes. So, in the intestine of the kitten can parasitize worms or there is a hair lump. Also, cases where the constipation of a kitten is caused by the blockage of the intestine by a foreign object are not uncommon. Agree that kittens quite often can chew various inedible things, such as plastic bags. So watch what your animal can eat.

Constipation in a kitten can haveserious consequences for the health of your animal. So, there is a violation of the liver and kidneys, there is too much stress on the heart. Also do not forget about the intoxication of the kitten's body. It should be noted that if the constipation of the kitten lasts more than three days, the animal has a low intestinal obstruction. This disease can lead to the rapid death of the animal.

Problems with defecation affect the overall health of the animal. So, the kitten can become sluggish and refuse to eat. Also, bloating will be observed. And if you try to stroke or massage your belly, you will notice that the kitten will be hurt. If you have such symptoms, you should definitely help your pet.

To deal with constipation in a kitten can be quite easy. To begin with, it is necessary to slightly soften the feces of the kitten, so that he easily descends to the toilet. To do this, give the animal to eat a small portion of petroleum jelly. Depending on the age and weight of your animal, adjust the dose of oil - from 5 to 50 ml per day. Do not try to replace petroleum jelly with vegetable oil. After all, vegetable oil is absorbed into the intestines and will not bring the kitten any good. Vaseline oil is almost not absorbed and remains on the walls of the intestine. In this way, not only softening of stools occurs, but also lubrication of the walls of the intestine.

If you are afraid to give pet vaseline oil, you can use anylaxative. The use of such drugs will be an excellent way out of the situation. But try not to overdo with the dosage of the remedy. After all, the kitten's chair should not be too thin. It would also be superfluous to use anti-worm drugs. Give your kitty the amount of the drug that is indicated in the instructions. Do not zealous and increase the dose. Also, you should not give these pills too often to an animal, otherwise you will severely disrupt the intestinal microflora. Such violations, in turn, lead to other unpleasant consequences.

But all these means are good only if if constipation the kitten has no sharp for. If you notice a deterioration of the animal's health, he should make an enema. If you are confident in your abilities, you can put an enema kitten at home on your own. But also you can contact the veterinary clinic, where your animal will be helped by qualified doctors.

Naturally, constipation is easier to prevent than to treat. Therefore, pay no attention to preventive measures. Be sure to comb out your kitten, so that he can get as little wool as possible into his intestine. Of course, a certain amount of hair will still fall into the stomach of the animal. In order to facilitate the removal of wool from the intestine, you can use special pastes, which give to eat the animal from time to time. Also watch closely the animal feed. Food for kittens should be balanced and contain a sufficient amount of fiber.