"What to give on March 8?" Over this question puzzled the millions of men in different countries. How to please a wife, mother, grandmother, sister, girlfriend, boss, colleagues? The Soviets will try to "throw" you a few ideas.

We already wrote about what kind of gifts for March 8 you can present to women on international women's day. Try to offer a few more options{!LANG-a4ba322b91c3aab935ba354dfc15fd45!}

{!LANG-aa8c84cd3bdbaa39981b6ac06551dc45!}"What NOT to give on March 8?"{!LANG-4c8f43ec51eac158b4ffc4406505f372!}

Usually the list of "prohibited" gifts{!LANG-fbbb66a9229da8881ad487a0fbab3c4f!}

{!LANG-b6ad8f61efeec3f3aaa8408c502d2c9a!}appliances or tableware that they would not have dared to buy for everyday use and you wouldn't have asked, considering it a waste. Such things are usually not a necessity, but a luxury: tableware for sushi or tea ceremony

Computer equipment{!LANG-b9e6980ff6ba205234ddb22a7aa31b74!}

With clothes and shoes harder. A rare man can determine the tastes of your significant other and the size of the clothes and shoes that she wears. The same applies to perfumes and cosmetics: guess perfume, firm and tone cosmetics usually very difficult. You can, of course, to ask in advance — but then the surprise will be ruined. However {!LANG-d54e6e61a4f6c62fefd7ea11684b9857!}. If you are one of them, you can buy your girlfriend or wife dress even, though shoes. She'll be happy.

One of the win-win options remain original gifts on March 8. Balloon flight, parachute jump, professional photo session, walk on a yacht, "cool" humorous gifts. the list is long. The main thing — very well-versed in the tastes and preferences of his girlfriend{!LANG-13b239701dd0d077ecd8f00668526542!}

Often the most correct answer to the question "What to give on March 8?" is the most banal: give her your love and care. This feast arrange your favorite rest day, save her from the burden of everyday problems and concerns (though, of course, it is better to do this throughout the year). How to do it — you decide. You can prepare a romantic dinner yourself, or reserve a table in the restaurant. Can give her a visit to the Spa, and can arrange Spa at home by yourself. In the holiday, a woman should feel like a Queen!