Green water in the aquarium becomes for many aquarists constant headache. Especially often this problem faced by newcomers or people who have ceased to monitor the condition of the aquarium and rarely change the water. In addition, there are a large number of factors that green aquarium. The land of the Soviets tell you how to prevent the discoloration of the water.

The water in the aquarium is green due to the rapid growth of algae. The word algae is not to be understood as different plants of a higher order, which you planted in the ground or left to grow on the surface of the water. Algae are lower plants that we cannot see with the naked eye. They are guilty in that you have a green aquarium.

How to prevent algae growth and to get rid of green water. It is impossible fully to carry out sanitary processing of all the inhabitants of the aquarium and equipment. And such measures are sometimes not needed. It will be green aquarium due to a number of other reasons. To begin to talk about the lighting. Pick the right range of aquarium lighting. To do this, you can not put the aquarium where it will get direct sunlight. The minimum distance from the beams shall be 1.5 m. Most commonly for aquarium lighting, use artificial lights. The light in the aquarium does not interfere with the plants to develop properly, and fish feel fine. Follow the light intensity. If too bright light, fish become lethargic and algae begin to grow rapidly too.

Green aquarium also for another reason, directly connected with the lighting — wrong light mode. In winter, the lighting of the aquarium should not last more than 8-10 hours a day. In the summer this time can be increased to 12 hours a day.

Sometimes even when properly selected lighting is still the water turns green. For active growth of algae can affect water pollution food. Fish don't always eat all the food, he begins to accumulate on the bottom and pollute the water. In dirty water the disturbed chemical and biological processes that leads to that green tank. So try not to give fish too much food. Ideally, fish should eat all the food in 10-15 minutes.

In the ground can be containedvarious leftovers and waste of fish. Of course, a good water filtration will help you to some extent to cope with this problem. But in any case will require good and timely cleaning of the soil.

In the green aquarium, you can run fish, snails or shrimp who enjoy eating algae. remain on the walls and rocks of the aquarium. Some fish, especially if they keep the starving, ready all day to pluck the unsightly algae on the rocks and walls of aquarium. So we advise you to have pecile, mollies or catfish. But a couple of fish will not be able to cope with this problem. So you'll have to apply other measures to eliminate algae in the aquarium.

Even if you completely adhere to the measures proper care of the fish, but you still have the green aquarium, then it's time to think about more effective ways to combat algae. Can benefit from certain chemical products, which are aimed at combating algae in the aquarium. Such drugs are sold in pet stores.

You can do improvised means to prevent algal blooms. Because green aquarium due to excessive amounts of algae which must be removed. Therefore we suggest you to use this tool: dissolve the powder of streptomycin in a small amount of boiled water. Per liter of water in the aquarium take 3 mg of powder. Through the filter, enter the divorced streptomycin in the aquarium. For fish and plants this powder is completely harmless, but the algae he will destroy in a few days.

To get rid of the problem of algal blooms is quite simple. But to prevent its pollution and flowering in the future, follow the rules of maintenance and care of aquarium.

How to get rid of the green plaque on the walls of the aquarium?

Read the article above! Plaque as on the walls and in the aquarium as a whole says about bacteria in the aquarium. Put plants in it, cover up from sunlight, the lamp in the aquarium must be lit for 8 to 10 hours a day. and water filter must be good and powerful! Get catfish and yellow snails and everything will be great!

In the aquarium there were so-called “Thread” harmful algae, adhere to all rules of articles, but nothing helps, I bought a tool from unwanted algae firm “Tetra” and all to no avail! Help

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