Pack your bags and go on vacation. Season travels and extraordinary adventures is in full swing. Already chose where to go? Country Councils will talk about what to bring from Greece.

Greece is an extraordinary country. Imbued with ancient culture and bright sunlight, it annually attracts thousands of tourists from all over the world. Many people dream to visit Greece. And those who were lucky enough to visit this wonderful land, for a long time reminisce about their trip and certainly want to return there.

On the question of what to bring from Greece, answers weight. First of all, get out of there new emotions and impressions. And it does not sit in the hotel, go on tours. Believe me, there really is something to see.

Undoubtedly, should bring from Greece vivid original photography. So, don't be lazy, shoot everything I see. At home you will be proud to show pictures to relatives, friends and colleagues, talking about where he was and what he saw.

Oddly enough, but the most common "souvenir", which bring tourists from Greece is coat. The fact that the city of Gastonia is one of the leading European centers for the production of fur products. Fur of different Kastanie real high quality, so many are going to Greece for furs.

Note silver and gold jewelry. Mostly they are made by hand, that are of particular value. Such a souvenir you can keep and give to someone they know. Believe me, this gift will look really chic.

In addition, if you want to bring Souvenirs to your friends and relatives, you can choose a lot of alabaster or marble statues, which mimic the exhibits of the Greek museums, are sometimes reduced copies of ancient buildings or statues.

Very popular among tourists ceramic dish with painted antique theme. Like most Souvenirs, plates of hand-painted. A great addition to dishes will be a set of stacks with a picture of the Acropolis or of Carthage. If you want to bring from Greece souvenir for a child, perfect porcelain bells, which are sold in almost all souvenir shops. A huge range will allow you to choose the bells of almost any size and color.

Amazed by its beauty and originality Orthodox icons, built in a Byzantine style.

Do not forget that the symbol of Greece is the olive tree. So be sure to bring the real Greek olives or olive oil. which is used not only in cooking but also for hair care. Also olive oil is used for skin care. Be sure to pay attention to cosmetics prepared with olive oil, the manufacturers guarantee its quality and naturalness. And, of course, in the gift shops of the country wide the choice of articles made from olive wood. It can be all kinds of coasters, cutting boards or simply beautiful figurines, which are made entirely by hand.

Original souvenir from Greece will become a sea sponge. Such a gift can result only from Greece. Sea sponge primitive multicellular animal that can be used as washcloths or facial sponges.

Country wines and brandies, Greece is rightfully famous for its alcoholic beverages. The most famous alcoholic drink of Greece is Metaxa, which consists of a mixture of grape brandy and grape wine. To enjoy this exquisite taste of this drink, it is good to buy Metaxa seven or twelve extracts. After the Metaxa, the popularity goes liqueur of Mandarin kumquat. According to the stories of seasoned travelers, this liqueur can be bought in almost every shop. And, of course, huge the diversity of Greek wines: red and white, different varieties and varying degrees of strength.

Of course, this is not a complete list of what to bring from Greece. What would you advise to bring?