Spain will surprise with its variety even the most experienced traveler. Here you will find something for soul fans a luxurious, relaxing beach holiday, sightseeing, bullfighting and flamenco, football fans are world class fans of incredible architecture. Consider the variety of gifts which could to bring from Spain. and you choose to taste.

Spain — Museum under the open sky. Probably no country in the world you will not see such a variety of cultural and architectural monuments. Unique museums and galleries, architectural creations of Antonio Gaudi. incredible bullfights, passionate flamenco, professional football – all that and more awaits you in Spain. What about Souvenirs? I would like something that is not in one country did not have to sell only in Spain that a person as soon as I saw it, I immediately feel the spirit of Spain.

What to bring from Spain:

To traditional Spanish food and drink will not remain indifferent even the most fastidious gourmet.

  • Ham — dry-cured pork ham. Jamon Serrano and Iberico differ in method and duration of cooking, and also price. Some varieties of Iberico can cost you up to 200 euros. In Spain for this dish are grown by special pigs, which feed on a special diet. It is possible to distinguish the type of jamon color of hooves: black Iberico, and Serrano are usually with a white hoof. If you can not bring home, be sure to try this delicacy in Spain.
  • Candied violets Madrid have become a symbolic gift. They are grown and prepared by the monks, and they can be purchased exclusively in Madrid at the square of Canalejas. The cost of these chocolates is 120 Euro per 1 kg.
  • The best olive oil done in Gibraleon by pressing aceituna. Only in Andalucia produce 1/3 of the Spanish oil and 1/10 of the world's supply. You can buy a small bottle of Spanish olive oil for the sample.
  • Spanish spice and tea will not leave you indifferent. Fragrant Spanish saffron worth more than gold. Regular use purifies the blood and liver, improves complexion, revitalizes the whole body and improves mood. Saffron – the most expensive and unique spice on earth.
  • Try the bun from Mallorca — Ensaimada. They are made with different fillings, but especially interesting ones – "angel hair" – candied threads from the pumpkin. This souvenir is eaten in seconds, but the impressions remain.
  • Cheese lovers will fit Spanish Manchego cheese or you can try other hard cheeses. They have a particular "Spanish" flavor.
  • Fans of "angry" drinks suitable as a souvenir of Spanish brandy Jerez de La Frontera. From the French it has a better quality, and costs 6-10 Euro.
  • Spanish wine, champagne cava from Catalan or Asturian cider will be a good gift.
  • When all the candy is eaten and the wine drunk, want to have something that will always remind you of good bright holiday in Spain.

    • Toledo back in the old days was famous for the quality of their steel. Today swords from Toledo made as Souvenirs for tourists that hit until now. The same steel made a knife for letters cost 10 euros, intended for opening paper envelopes. Such a gift will work great in the office for the opening of brought in paper bags.
  • Wine Leather Buckle will definitely come in handy on the road. They are sold in every corner of Spain, but a good quality jar costs about 30 euros. The feature of this jar is a tiny hole through which you can drink without touching the bottle. Try to learn this.
  • Spanish fan bright useful souvenir that will save you in the heat of summer.
  • Branded Spanish t-shirt Kukuxumusu has long been a hallmark of the country. They feature a print with a fun bright picture, which will surely cheer up you and your surrounding.
  • Castanets can be a wonderful decoration of your interior, Recalling the crazy nights in Spain.
  • If you've been to a bullfight, you'll want to bring original poster-poster. on which is printed your name among the participants of the corrida. This service is very popular in Seville, and you will find it at the inscriptions: "Tu nombre aqui " .
  • The last time Spain became the popular figures of bulls. symbolizing the fight.
  • Also you can buy in various cities, local pottery, blankets and rugs, lace from Galicia, ornamented articles of gold and silver, baskets, hats, mats, articles of colored glass or anything like you personally. Spain is a colorful country and the gifts they have colorful.

    And what unusual gifts and Souvenirs you enjoyed while traveling? You will be asked to bring from Spain?