Egypt has lately become a Mecca for domestic tourists usually the first holiday abroad is carried out precisely there (well, in Turkey. depending on the season). A reminder of the Egypt holidays will not only be a picture in the background of the Egyptian pyramids, but also a variety of Souvenirs. What to bring from Egypt?

Let's start with the small "Souvenirs" which you can bring from Egypt. For example, figures of the pyramids{!LANG-965372c579adab3c42fdee8f951fdf2a!}

In addition to the figures of the pyramids is approximately the same price to buy scarves-"arafatki" a variety of colors (not necessarily black-and-white) or the figures of scarabs. The scarab beetle is one of the symbols of Egypt. Figurines of scarab{!LANG-a5ff6f8ef04c4b10481207bd3e60ee2b!}

Even in the souvenir shops sell a variety figurines{!LANG-63da1286ecf02082be18f15149e7bf55!}

If you want something more expensive and solid, you can bring out of Egypt jewelry{!LANG-ff73ab0953eda55b5e84558c9e53b03e!}

Probably, it is impossible to visit Egypt and not bring out papyrus{!LANG-61a3179e552af3c426ebe011072de802!}

Best place to buy papyrus in specialized shops and workshops, then you will be immune from what is papyrus will sell you a cheap imitation of palm leaf or rice paper. In good stores, along with the purchase issue a certificate of authenticity. Note that this papyrus cannot be too cheap.

You can still bring out of Egypt essential oils{!LANG-38505f6e6e5a5c3c66db123b30ac53a5!}

If you want to bring out of Egypt tasty Souvenirs, be sure to buy karkade{!LANG-cb171a2268241e551e5db53db8f32131!}

Original souvenir from Egypt — {!LANG-ea0ad5bc4f2811b78dfac33161008149!}{!LANG-442fc5e6c1f2c6141b4404d1b926d253!}

Men can bring out of Egypt hookah. and women cotton dresses embroidered with beads, bugle beads and coins hip scarves. Good hookah (Shisha) cannot be too small. Don't buy ready assembled hookahs, and portable, made of heavy metal — they are more qualitative. To be sure, buy hookah charcoal and tobacco.

And remember that Egypt is not necessary to bring the figures of dragons, sphinxes and sarcophagi — the locals consider them symbols of death. But corals are a national treasure, so they forbidden for export.

And what would you advise to bring out of Egypt seasoned travelers?{!LANG-e694918e98542bd1ab439ad1d333f150!}