China one of the most interesting mill in the Far East. Hence, merchants were transported to Europe gunpowder, paper, silk, porcelain, and many other such indispensable things today. When a person is faced with a choice: what to bring from China as a gift to friends, family and to your memory, it is very difficult to choose, because all the Souvenirs are so different from European and Western countries.

So to bring from China you can all the way down to the buttons — she, too, will be special. Let's start with the silk! You can purchase the clothing from this material (e.g. traditional dress) and a variety of Souvenirs made of silk with traditional embroidery (tigers, dragons, landscapes, plants). Often drawings are characters, which means the aphorism, wisdom, or word-symbol. Chic gift will be silk panels. which is stored in the scroll. To buy silk, you can in Beijing at the factory or on the "Silk market". Natural silk  - not an expensive pleasure. You can bring a good silk dressing gown from China for about $ 100. But silk handkerchiefs, on the contrary, are very cheap, they can bring a whole bag from China. In addition, you can bring from China the most delicate cashmere.

Chinese tea — you can buy it everywhere. At the tea shop it is more expensive than the supermarket, but the choice there is more. Of course, the price depends on the variety. You will be offered a tasting — do not give up. Here we will not advisers, as they say on taste and color. But the types of Chinese tea will tell. White tea — it is collected on the tops of mountains, it is called "wild" tea. It is bitter to the taste, but remains sweet taste. Traditional black tea growing Bush and tree, while tea trees grow up to 800 years. Every leaf is rolled by hand (can you imagine what painstaking work), then of leaves rolled up balls, each ball can be brewed 5-7 times, thus separating each layer. Interestingly, this tea or drink and eat, so if you are going to bring from China this particular tea, guide tea ceremony at home, so to speak, courses for beginners. There is a "smelling" tea tea the "Yellow Orchid". he has an unrivaled flavor, so it at first sniff, and then drink. The original tea — Jasmine. When brewed, a dried jasmine flower dissolves in a cup - it's very beautiful.

Another symbol of Chinese culture can be called fan. The Chinese are paying much attention to making and painting fans. In China, the fan is made of sandalwood, ivory, bamboo, porcelain, jade. Decorate them with lacquer, carving and, of course, Chinese characters of various subjects. Try to bring a fan from China to your friends who know the interior and will be very grateful to you.

Porcelain Chinese invented first in the world, so it is believed that they are the masters of making porcelain products. Huge jugs, small vases, cups, mugs, figurines, plates and many other knickknacks which can be useful in the household, or just to decorate the house. Of course, all this is decorated with Chinese painting, traditional colors and ornaments. On the market you can bargain to bring from China the porcelain at a lower price.

Do not think that figurines  made only of porcelain. Very popular jade souvenirs, because this stone is respected by the Chinese. Each figure means something, the most popular ones are Chinese gods, dragons of different sizes and shapes. They are given for happiness, good luck, so that money and other things were born. So they need to bring from China at least a dozen to keep to themselves and give to people who are not indifferent to you.

If your friends are not fans of Souvenirs, Yes, your shelves are already crammed with them — suggest to bring from China vodka. They invented medicinal vodka (similar to our tinctures and balsams), and just an alcoholic drink. Medicinal vodka includes ginseng roots, snakes, mushrooms, berries and other products of Chinese medicine. It is also very popular with tourists to buy grape wines, beer.

For women Paradise will be the Chinese markets. An abundance of sizes, colors and variety of embellishments — this is Chinese pearl market. The price of pearls varies depending on the size of the pearl. The Council — in any case do not buy pearl strands on the beach is cheap counterfeit !

What else to bring from China?  See for yourself - the country is so rich in its traditions and culture that it is simply impossible to describe. Chinese chopsticks, tassels for calligraphy, Chinese bells, porcelain dolls, black rice, traditional costumes, shoes, kites and flashlights.

In General, China provides endless possibilities — would be a fantasy and enthusiasm. Before you go if you you care about what to bring from China. to please everyone - do not worry, there is no such person who does not like Chinese culture.