Israel is becoming more popular among Russian tourists. On the one hand — sea, sun, exotic and lots of attractions. On the other — with all the exotic locals so a lot of people from CIS, that almost any part of the country you will not have problems with the language barrier. If you decide to spend a vacation in the Promised Land, you are probably concerned about what to bring from Israel.

Actually, to tell you what to bring from Israel, a very long time: despite the more than modest size of the country, the gift list would be very long. But conventionally, all Souvenirs from Israel (and from any other country) can be divided into two categories: edible and inedible. What to bring from Israel to the lovers of gastronomic joys?

In Israel you will probably be offered to try the hummus — the snack of chickpeas. It is not like all, but if you hummus will appeal to safely bring home a few packages. To buy hummus you need before leaving. much better not to take: unfortunately, this product does not store well. Hummus is the best pita bread hollow out inside of bread. Another popular Israeli dish falafel. also made from chickpeas.

Still it is possible to bring from Israel grape juice and wine, olive oil, Arabic sweets (for example, a paste), spices, tahini (sesame paste), coffee with cardamom. Chocolate lovers can pay attention to confectionery Elite (in Israel the famous "chocolate cow"). By the way, if you're in Nazareth (Nazareth), you can visit the factory where they produce Elite, this is the biggest factory of confectionary products in the middle East.

Lot for sale in Israel religious symbols. of different denominations. Can bring the Star of David or a menorah, and you can opt for the cross, consecrated in Church of the Holy Sepulchre. They also sell vials of Holy ground and Holy water. Another can bring the amulet called Hamsa. which is a hand with an eye in the middle (instead of the eye may be a fish or Star of David). It is believed that the Hamsa protects against the evil eye (and believe that Jews and Muslims).

By the way, if you are going to bring from Israel some jewelry (not necessarily with religious symbols), it is better to opt for silver: Israel is considered one of the leaders in the field of processing of silver. Even in Israel, you can buy diamonds at lower prices than in Europe: although there has not mined diamonds, but at the same time Israel is one of the world's major centers for trade in diamonds and diamonds.

Even in Israel you can buy very beautiful jewelry. it is sold literally on every corner not only in the specialized stores, but in small souvenir shops. In General, souvenir shops and Arabic markets can cause a lot of different Souvenirs from candles and pottery to hookahs and glass products.

Clothes you can buy motley pants of light fabric or a hip scarf with coins is if you need any thing "with an ethnic flavor." Even in Israel, a very popular footwear brand Crocs. "Crocs" are made of special polymer material, these shoes are lightweight, comfortable and durable. Mark, this is not Israel, but the Israelis are very fond of her.

Note if you want to buy a souvenir in the Arab market, you will have to bargain loud, long, and emotionally. Buying something from an Arab trader in the originally proposed price, you will not only overpay for a souvenir at an exorbitant price, but mortally offend the seller. So if you do not like to bargain — buy Souvenirs in the more "civilized" places.

Women will certainly appreciate cosmetics with Dead sea minerals. It can be bought not only in the vicinity of the Dead sea, but almost throughout Israel. If you have the opportunity, I advise you not to buy cosmetics from, and to compare prices at multiple stores: the price of the same brand can vary. By the way, one of the most popular Israeli cosmetic brands — Ahava. but there are other brands.

Deciding what to bring from Israel the main thing is to control yourself, otherwise the suitcase can not be closed. and if you are closed — the airport will have to pay for the advantage. And all because at the sight of the Souvenirs that are sold in this country, just eyes run, and I want to buy everything at once.