You personally may be good jeans, but some can be just "sweet life". I think what to give mother-in-law. It depends on what your relationship with her, what's her Hobbies, what she likes/dislikes, whether you live together. Sometimes the wrong gift can completely ruin the relationship daughter-in-law and mother-in-law.

A gift is a token of love

The woman who became the mother-in-law, already not so young. She devoted her life to educating her son (your husband). She spared nothing for him, so she sometimes had to refuse to care for themselves, or did not have time for happy hours with his family, because all the time work, work, work. Housework, work on enterprise, work in the garden. All that will ease the daily life of his mother, gives her a drop of love. well, and then she will give it to you, showing good respect and respect.

Want to give mother-in-law kitchen "accessory"?

Could it be that the mother-in-law will manifest itself as a keen cook who prepares a variety of foods five times a day. For this she has to stand for hours in the kitchen to cut food, to knead the dough. well, stuff like that. Therefore, you will be able to significantly ease her this fate. Buy something from home kitchen appliances. whether it's a blender, a steamer, a bread maker, a multivar, a dishwasher. Of course, not every daughter-in-law has enough money for an expensive gift for her mother-in-law, so you can choose a simpler option, budgetary, so to speak.

Country gift for mother in law

There are women who can not imagine their life without a vegetable garden. They would be there and lived. It is certainly good, but a lot of money is spent on the purchase of all seedlings and seed, boxes for seedlings, fertilizing the soil, sometimes even for the purchase of small equipment. Can give your favorite mother-in-law gardening tools, whether shovels, hoes, a rake or a mini-plough. Also purchase will not prevent the rare plant seeds, flowers, or tree seedlings, and shrubs. Can give and creative gift. visit her cottage alone, paraglide beds, remove weeds, paint the house, tidy the garden, and even build a gazebo for relaxing (not without the help of my husband, of course). Here it will be pleasantly surprised, and so you can strengthen your relationship with her that will have a positive impact on the family.

What to give mother-in-law for the house?

Well, it will be a great decision — to give the right thing for the interior. Maybe she's crazy curtains or carpets, all sorts of vases, paintings or mirrors? You have the chance to quench her thirst for interior decoration, giving her a gorgeous painting or a beautiful lush curtains. You can also opt for furniture that is not so expensive. In this you show yourself as a person observant and indifferent to beauty and design. This should please her. Maybe she wants to buy something for the bathroom? Then fantasize on this subject and you and the occasion.

A gift for the soul

And you can pamper your beloved second mom. How? Buy her jewelry, book, set, set, some, or even TV. New, big, flat screen. It is from the last present will be delighted. Of course, if your mother-in-law — an active person, you can give her a subscription to a Spa or fitness club. This is always good for health, and from gray everyday life it will be diverted to people. Look, she will like the salons and fitness clubs to run around, carry away, forget about the family. Find out what she prefers from ornaments, make-up. Maybe she wants a veil or a blanket? Find out, please and get a pleasant surprise in return.

Now you know what to give your mother-in-law. Do not be afraid, she will not eat you, but she can throw out a gift that she does not like. thereforefind out more about your second mom. so as not to make her nervous later on.