Our tourists have already reached exotic Vietnam. Of course, the memory of the journey in this unusual country a must-buy Souvenirs. What to bring from Vietnam as a gift to friends and family and just making memories?

Basically Vietnam is famous for Handicrafts. Jewelry, costume jewelry, clothing and all sorts of souvenir trinkets you can buy in stores and markets. Prices in Vietnam are quite affordable. besides, it is not forbidden to bargain for the thing you like.

For most tourists is simply unthinkable to go to another country and not try the local cuisine and the most delicious (and non-perishable) food to buy for Souvenirs. What to bring from Vietnam as a tasty souvenir? Can purchase exotic fruits that we get problematic: longan, lychee, mangosteen. If you are afraid not to take them home, get fruit chips and candy Lotus seed candy or coconut milk.

A fan of extreme sports are advised to purchase bottle of snake tincture. Imagine a bottle of vodka, in which floats a pickled snake or Salamander. Presented? So it looks like the snake ate. In the East believe that it can cure all ailments. Even if you don't dare to try this exotic drink, a bottle of tincture can be put in the kitchen or home bar and shock guests. And non-alcoholic beverages will recommend Vietnamese green tea   (the most popular grade of Vietnamese tea is Thay Nguyen) and inexpensive Vietnamese coffee.

But tasty Souvenirs will quickly eat, so you should bring from Vietnam and something more "real", for example, jewelry. Each Vietnamese market to buy elegant and affordable jewelry from silver, ivory and pearl. By the way, saltwater pearls are more valuable than river. Best buy pearl jewelry in Nha Trang. Be careful when buying, instead of pearls you have not slipped-painted plastic.

Even in Vietnam inexpensive and very high quality silk. so you can buy silk clothes, a fan, and even embroidered on silk painting. Best place to buy silk in retail stores attached to the factories. You can also buy or sew custom made clothes from natural linen and cotton. Relatively inexpensive and quality products made of crocodile skin   (purse, purses, bags, belts). And still it is necessary to bring from Vietnam famous slippers-Vietnamese.

As a nice knick-knacks you can bring from Vietnam various products of bamboo and mahogany. figurines, frames, caskets, wall decorations. Also, popular souvenirs include inexpensive dishes made of porcelain painted with hieroglyphs, Buddha statues made of bronze, ivory tubes, lacquer miniatures, fans, national dolls. Every other market sells coconut and bamboo handmade masks that express different emotions.

But that's not all Vietnamese Souvenirs that can be purchased in memory of the journey to this country. In the markets and little shops selling hand-painted greeting cards, chopsticks, napkins, tablecloths and fabric coasters for hot pots, boxes covered with silk covers, shuttlecocks for badminton made of real feathers, kitchenware from coconut, rope hammocks and silk lanterns that fans of the books by max Frei will resemble the flying bubbles, Buuraha.

Another typical Vietnamese souvenir conical hat made of palm leaves. Men can instead buy a "colonizer" cork helmet. And music lovers should pay attention to musical instruments: flutes, maracas, bamboo xylophones and brass gongs. Even if you do not play, such a tool can become a wonderful decoration of the interior. The interior will also be decorated with rattan and pagoda wicker items, chickens and caskets carved from stone.

As you can see,the choice of Souvenirs that you can bring from Vietnam, a very wide. If you add to this also low prices, it becomes clear that in addition to souvenirs you will need to purchase additional bags or suitcases. or throw away some of your clothes.