March 8 – a favorite holiday of all women. On this day, all women expect special manifestations of love from their husbands. Of course, for men the choice of gift becomes painful. Never know how to please your significant other, although living with her for the first year. So what gift to choose his wife on March 8? Let's deal.

Looking at the gift, she must experience joy, surprise and delight. Similarly, the wife must appreciate its practicality, because women do not like empty spending money.

Expensive gifts to his wife on March 8

No woman can withstand diamonds, a new car and a mink coat. Go together in a car dealership or consult her best friend, which necklace she will most like. Money in the envelope is no longer accepted. You yourself know why: what surprise can there be in handing the envelope?

But to invest in a card certificate you can feel free. The wife will definitely appreciate your choice. Gift certificates now a huge number. It can be a certain amount at any store, services beauty salons, a massage or a subscription to a fitness club.

Than to surprise the wife for March 8 original gifts

Often couples complain of lack of novelty. Wives blame their men for not being able to make surprises. How to surprise your wife? Very simple. Remember what your second half dreams about. Maybe she stops her eyes in the shops on the easel and wants to start drawing. Well, fulfill her dream. Every woman has a hobby. If you show interest in him, the wife will easily let you go fishing or a football match.

Surprise! Cook his wife a romantic dinner. Did you know that in India Women's festival lasts for 10 days? And you can ten days in a row to cook the wife Breakfast in bed. It's not difficult, but very nice. Even a gift set from tea or coffee can unusually decorate. Write on the jar: "I love you" and various dates such as when you first kissed, how many he met.

Romantic gifts for wife

All girls love romance. This is for you all these plush toys, candles and other nonsense have no interest. But women like these things very much. So give her soft toys, balloons and various figures. You can organize a walk through the evening city with a visit to a cozy cafe or get together on the roof.

Or maybe even rent a country cottage and be alone in nature. All women love lingerie without exception. Therefore, dear men, go ahead, buy her something original and beautiful. The main gift for March 8 is flowers. Believe, all women love, when they are given bouquets.

You can give your wife a toy of flowers, a bouquet of roses or choose flowers at your discretion. Believe me, whatever flowers you choose, your second half's eyes will glow with happiness.