Why this year not to impress friends and instead of bouquets of flowers and the "standard" gifts not to give something quite unusual? Unique gifts for the New year will instantly lift the spirits and stand out among all others. Want to have your gift remembered for a long time and appreciated – follow our tips!

Unique gifts for New year for parents with their hands

Parents will always praise their kid's creativity, even if the result does not possess the beauty. But, anyway, try to make a new year gift for mom with your own hands, giving it all your love. Remember, thing, made with love, can't be ugly!

Don't know what to make as a gift for mom or dad? Maybe the following ideas will help you to decide:

  1. Wrapped mugs for mom and dad. If you know how to knit at least the basic patterns to make these "sweaters" for mugs is not difficult! This gift will look very nice and will not give hot tea or coffee to burn my hands.
  2. Kitchen set for mom and tools for dad. Make matching sets for "female" and "male" instruments in festive socks, decorate it with bows and put under the tree!
  3. Eco-friendly photo frame. Type in a forest of twigs, fir cones, moss and other natural materials and glue them to the ordinary purchase a frame for a photo. Then paste a picture of your family (or your own) and give to parents.
  4. Unusual packaging for a gift. Think about how you can make a gift to surprise loved ones? If you want to give mom a pendant or earrings, you can put them in the walnut shells. For larger gifts are perfect homemade boxes with unusual shapes. They can be made using the techniques of papier-mâché or modeling paper.

Mini gifts for the New year

If you are going to spend new year's eve in the big cheerful company of friends, you should think about a present for each of them. Of course, quite expensive to give to every close friend what he wants, so it makes sense to prepare mini-gifts for the New year. These trinkets will make it clear that you value the people with whom you celebrate the holiday and at the same time will not let you go bankrupt.

Ideas for small Christmas souvenir:

  1. Candle – tie a normal candle cinnamon stick or a sprig of spruce. You can put in a small gift bag, a candle and a couple of cones, sprinkle all the glitter.
  2. Pomander – natural flavor of orange and cloves. This gift can easily be done by hand, and it will not only look good, but will benefit!
  3. Ginger cookies – cook gingerbread cookies in the shape of stars, snowmen, Santa Claus, etc. Pack it in a small homemade box or gift paper bags, tied with ribbon.
  4. Fortune cookies – Chinese bake biscuits and put inside the best and good wishes or predictions.

As you can see, to make an original New year's gifts with your own hands is not so difficult! Your inexhaustible imagination just waiting to manifest itself in a creative impulse, so do not hold her! Give yourself and your loved ones the joy and warmth that carry homemade gifts.